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    The Oracle speaks on making posters for Coldplay concerts

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    April 24, 2009 - submitted by Misha, United States of America

    Q. Hey Oracle I've got a question. In The Scientist, there's a lyric that states chasing tails. I'm really interested to know what is supposed to mean because I've never heard that term before. Thankyouuu C:

    The Oracle replies:

    You know how cats chase their tails? Well this line means the same. In fact, it's as the previous lyric -running in circles.


    April 24, 2009 - submitted by Natalie, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, was my question not good enough for you to answer? That's sad, but I have another question for you:when you go to Coldplay concerts are you allowed to make poster signs?

    The Oracle replies:

    Many people take poster signs to concerts but all I'll say is, consider the people behind you because there's nothing worse than being stood with a restricted view because of a huge sign in front blocking the experience!

    April 24, 2009 - submitted by Desperate for answers, Sweden

    Q. Hello. I'm in the office, a computer programmer. But no, wait, I'm also an indie musician, about to release my second album entirely on my own budget and with no marketing/live on the horizon. Where is this going you wonder... Here goes:

    I spend my time in the office not working, but browsing on Coldplay, Radiohead, REM and millions of other musician web pages, learning about their tours, reading their blogs and envying it all. I wish I was in their place. Hell, I've never played my music live, but still I have music fans adding me daily on MySpace and lately the fan base has been growing even more. When I come to the office in the morning I daydream about being in a band, spending my days writing material that matters, and sharing it with the rest of world in concerts, big and small. I envy the lifestyle of travelling all around the world playing your music in front of thousands of people singing your songs. Boy, does it beat the hell out of a computer programming desk job. On my way back to the bus stop after work, I keep telling myself that Radiohead and Coldplay are just a big business and that's the way it is. Its not evil, it just is. So I've been thinking that I'm spending my entire life on the wrong foot. I should be out there, playing my music, doing my thing, cause I live breath eat sleep and wake up with music, but not as my full time job, rather as a dream that as time slips away might never come true. Coldplay are heading for more concerts, and here I am in front of my computer, reading all about it but I know my day is going to be the same. Lately I've been realizing I shouldn't expect too much out of my music, I should keep it as a hobby, something that I do in my free time to feel good. But then I get to see all these news of Coldplay playing here, doing this doing that, hell, they're even going to record on a 747 jumbo in weightless conditions? Oh, you should feel my weight, as I drag my ass back to my flat, after a boring day at work. Hell I would do anything to just change all this but I don't see how. I'm not English nor American and English is not my first language, but I'm living in western European countries all this long. Yet I have a feeling that now is the time to do things, to do things my way, now's the time to scream that I want to live my life my way. And I'm not. I'm a robot, paying bills, working, going to bed dreaming of what would I'd if my life was different. Hey Oracle, why is it that I feel like that. I'm 32 just married guy, and in four months I'm going to have my first child. A baby girl. I'm happy, but have the feeling that as time goes by, life will take away what I really want and give me more bills to pay. Hell, as I'm writing these lines, this project manager walked in and asked me how are things progressing. You know? So Oracle give me an answer to all this. I can't quit my job. But I can't stand it either, I'd rather be a musician travelling the world just like Coldplay. Help me. Tell me the truth.

    The Oracle replies:

    I feel like Colonel Nathan R. Jessep , as you ask for the truth but I'm not sure you can handle the truth. Feeling bitter is not going to help and your message is full of negativity. You have to realize there are hundreds of thousands of people out there making music and a small handful will get signed and even less will go on to huge success. It's a tough business but you have to make music because you want to. Enjoy it and if something does come of it great, that's a bonus, but the chance of you getting anywhere just off a MySpace page is slim. If you're not playing gigs, who's gonna see you? Who's gonna write about you? Who's gonna play you on the radio? You have to put 100% effort in to get anything back, it ain't gonna come knocking on your door. I have to say that as you're about to become a father you have to start prioritizing your life. Yes you have to work to pay bills but most people do. Life is not taking away it has given you a wife and a daughter. I'm sorry to have to say this but if you really wanted to make it as a musician you would have tried everything you could to do it. Your age now doesn't help to be brutally honest as the industry is very fickle, though of course there are exceptions. You have to step up now and be a partner and a father. Continue to make your music but take pleasure from it rather than regret and resentment. There's a lot of luck involved as well as talent but from what you have told me, you need a more positive attitude and self-belief. It might not be too late but you certainly have an uphill struggle if you pursue this dream. I honestly believe in following your dreams but sometimes you have to face the fact that they may not ever come true. If you have the gift of music, use it but don't pin ALL your hopes on ever making a career out of it. Few do. Maybe there's a job out there for you that will give you fulfillment but if not, maybe you will get that from your family and the music you can make for enjoyment.



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