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    The Oracle Speaks On Prospekt's Blanked Out Track Titles

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    October 16, 2008 - submitted by Kelly, United States of America

    Q. I am a male named Kelly. Some people consider this a girl's name. In Ireland and the UK do people consider Kelly a girl's name. Also what were the blacked out songs on prospekt's letter saying that the "tracks would be chosen from the following." and should I put a question mark inside the quote because I do wish to end the sentence there(now what punctuation do I use?).

    The Oracle replies:

    Coldplay's head of security is a guy called Kelly. The lead singer of The Stereophonics is called Kelly. Then there's Kelly McGillis, Kelly Osbourne and Kelly Brook so you see it is a name used for a boy or a girl. The ? should be outside the quotation marks because the sentence you're quoting isn't a question itself. The answer to the question though is one that I will meet you half way with. Two of the blacked out titles are Viva la Vida and Postcards From Far Away. The other two can tease you some more.

    October 16, 2008 - submitted by maria isabel, Mexico

    Q. hola oracle

    i really love Coldplay, my favorite song is clocks. ok, here is my question: i just notice that Fiona Apple (she is great, i love it too) support to Coldplay in the north american tour on 2006, what they think about Fiona?? they like her music?? sorry about my english, is not my mother tongue thanks!!!!

    The Oracle replies:

    Well the band tend to take out artists that they like. If the truth be told I got very excited about Ms Apple going on the road with Coldplay as I had been a fan for ten years at that point. I didn't get to see the shows but was full of questions for the crew. Apparently Fiona was very quiet and kept herself to herself. I know she appears to have an air of moodiness about her and it seems she didn't dispel that opinion. Boo. Incidentally, Apple is actually her middle name not her family/surname.


    October 16, 2008 - submitted by Alyssa, United Kingdom

    Q. Oracle, how can I convince my Mum to cough up the cash to let me go to an expensive Coldplay concert. (I can't get a real job yet).

    The Oracle replies:

    Well the cheapest ticket is £38.50 and I realize that isn't cheap to many but given that they only tour every time an album is out, there's time to save up in between. I know we don't tend to do that so it creeps up on us, so how about you ask all your family if they would consider chipping in to get you a ticket as an early Christmas present?



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