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    Tour Journal: 5th July - Entertaiment Center Adelaide, SA

    New Coldplay material being tried out in Adelaide


    Penny and I travel in with the band today. Upon arrival at the airport, there is a news crew and photographer in the terminal. It’s all rather funny, as the cameraman walks awkwardly backwards for the whole route to the vehicles.


    He does very well actually, given that there are escalators and obstacles aplenty on the way. It’s a bit full on and in your face though and Tour Manager Andy Francks can’t help but laugh as the interviewer finally asks “Are there any downsides to fame?”In fairness, Chris seems utterly unbothered by it all, but I suspect he’s glad it’s a rarity.


    There’s more new material floating around in the soundcheck. Today, it’s cyclic a guitar pattern, which gets looped inside one of Matt McGinns boxes of tricks. There are lots of different approaches tied on it, leading to a rather epic, swelling, uplifting piece. Every chord change gives the guitar loop a different feel, even though it’s the same sequence of notes. It’s almost eastern sounding, which is what you’d expect after a visit to Hong Kong and Singapore, not the week before, but there you go.


    The show is a good'un. The run to the back in “In My Place” involves a rather convoluted route round the staircases of the building, which means that there’s a couple of moments of wondering where the hell Chris has gone, and whether he’s actually going to come back. Most amusing.


    Source: Coldplayer [coldplay.com]

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