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    Tour Journal: Ottowa, ON.

    Being the first show of the leg, the band are soundchecking today. It’s got to the point now, where this seems very odd. The guys are clearly in good form after the break too. Jonny is messing with a guitar sound, and suddenly stumbles upon the riff fro ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’. The whole band fall in behind him and Chris is off in his best Axl Rose impression. Not quite sure whether that one’ll make it into the set tonight…


    More DVD shoot preparations are in progress, most notably the return of an old friend for Clocks. I’m not sure whether to spill the beans or not, but someone’ll mention it on the message board, so what the hell. Yep, the laser is back! We’ve all missed it. Lots of alternatives have been tried, but lets face it - Cocks (sp) needs a laser. Now, it’s got one again, and all’s well with the world.The decision to film the DVD in Canada is vindicated tonight by a top crowd. They’re loud and they’re keen. One in particular is loudly keen on Mr Berryman, paying tribute to him with a rather impressive banner. Poor fella looks a little bashful, but deep down, I’m sure he loves it…


    It has been a good move also, to put the DVD shoot early in a leg, as the energy levels are plenty high tonight, which will combine nicely with the nervous crackle summoned by a dozen cameras on the night


    We’ll see…


    The Coldplayer.

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