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    TransMedia After MySpace Users

    Looking to build a social networking site to rival News Corporation’s MySpace.com, TransMedia said Thursday its upcoming service will carry songs from the digital music service The Orchard, which offers a catalog of more than 800,000 songs.


    In addition to its Glide Music Social Network and personal profiles, the New York City-based service lets users share their online photos and communicate through audio and video conferencing, as well as text and email.


    The service, an extension of the Glide Effortless service the company introduced last December, also offers shopping features so users can purchase items such as photo prints, chocolate, and soon music and ring tones. Users can also buy expanded storage for photos and other files.


    The ring tones will include music from groups like Green Day, Coldplay, Bob Marley, Ravi Shankar, and Ween. Customers can even download the voice of the late Pope John Paul II and comedian Lewis Black to their cell phones.


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