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    Unconfirmed reports of a European Coldplay 'MX Tour' for 2011/12

    6008943804_54049a2c0d_s.jpgRumours are spreading that Coldplay will be touring Europe at the end of 2011 and into the early part of 2012, performing in arenas across the continent. According to Coldplayer lerene, the band will be taking in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal and multiple dates in France and Germany. As yet all these dates are unconfirmed and the source is still unknown. Any tour dates, will of course be confirmed via Coldplay.com in due course. If true, you heard it here first!


    Websites of the venues are showing the relevant dates as free, with no clashes of other performances/events. The title of the dates appears under the heading, MX Tour 2011/12. There are no dates showing for the British Isles - but as one Coldplayer pointed out there are gaps where dates could be slotted in, as well as additions prior to the first date, and beyond the last. Whether the tour turns out to be true, or just a well-planned and elaborate hoax, it's something else to talk about while we wait for a long-awaited announcement about the fifth album, which according to recent Coldplay interviews, could come at any time. Chris Martin said to Ryan Seacrest at the end of June that in six weeks we would hear something on LP5. Well, those six weeks are *almost* up!


    Read on after the jump for a full list of (unconfirmed!) dates, some of your comments so far, and interestingly, what the tour schedule would look like on Google Maps...

    maybetour201112a.jpgEuropean MX Tour 2011/2012 - NOT CONFIRMED YET - STILL A RUMOUR!


    18.11.2011 Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden

    19.11.2011 Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

    22.11.2011 Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning, Denmark

    23.11.2011 O2 World, Hamburg, Germany

    25.11.2011 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    28.11.2011 O2 World, Berlin, Germany


    01.12.2011 TUI Arena, Hannover, Germany

    03.12.2011 SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany

    05.12.2011 Zenith Europe, Strasbourg, France

    07.12.2011 Lanxass Arena, Cologne, Germany

    09.12.2011 Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Belgium

    13.12.2011 Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France

    16.12.2011 Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

    19.12.2011 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

    21.12.2011 Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany


    06.01.2012 O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic

    07.01.2012 Budapestarena, Budapest, Hungary

    14.01.2012 Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy

    18.01.2012 Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon, France

    20.01.2012 Park&Suites Arena, Montpellier, France

    23.01.2012 Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain

    26.01.2012 Palacio de Deportes, Madrid, Spain

    28.01.2012 Pavilhao Atlantico, Lisbon, Portugal


    Your latest comments...


    One date in Italy and 2198457673 in Germany, are they freaking kidding me? So much for always be at number one here, even now on iTunes with X&Y in the alternative album charts (and all the other three in the top ten). I really really hope that is fake, cause I would be seriously pissed off otherwise. I'm half believing it and half not (or better don't want to)..we will of course need to wait for any official announcement. The sum of the distances between Mannheim-Strasbourg-Cologne-Antwerpen-Paris is basically the same that there is between Palermo (Sicily) and Milan...what a fair geographical distribution. It's always like this, every band going only to Milan and the rest of the country is always forgotten, it's really depressing, no wonder people living in central-southern Italy prefer to fly to London or other countries, it would cost as much if not less. [thanks iriden]


    This one 25.11.2011 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands: seems available, nothing booked for 25th. There is something planned for the 26th. Nothing else booked for 19th till the 25th, so this one seems to be a possibility. [thanks Kroket]


    I had already heard about a concert in SdF Paris on 13th of December but i thought it wasn't true. I'm waiting for tickets to be released if it's true. [thanks FixYougirl]


    I hope it's not true cos on the 19th December they have to play a charity gig in a tiny venue somewhere in the UK. It's tradition. Plus as it was just pointed out by Laura on Twitter the schedule makes absolutely no sense. For example: 03.12.2011 SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany; 05.12.2011 Zenith Europe, Strasbourg, France; 07.12.2011 Lanxass Arena, Cologne, Germany; 09.12.2011 Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Belgium; 13.12.2011 Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France; ... There's no way they'd schedule it like that, they'd do each country in turn. They can fly in and out all they want, but their crew can't, would have to make sense when travelling on the road. I'm calling bullshit. 100%. [thanks Mimixxx]


    Well if this turns out to be real, WTF?! I mean what's with the 308908374 dates in Germany?! And it's two dates in Spain and shitload of dates in France and stuff, but just one in Italy?! And I thought they didn't have enough gigs here... [thanks coldplay_are_forever]


    Especially for the only one date in Italy... if this "tour" is true, they're are going to add more dates, at least here in Italy (Bologna? Turin? Rome?), it's impossible they've so many gigs in France/Germany... [thanks Marchez94]


    There's a lot of free dates in December and January that could be filled by new gigs... we have to wait, anyway for every rumour there's a slight percentage of truth... [thanks coldpatrix]


    so far it's not impossible... the venues are not unlikely and the route is not illogical (if you know a bit of geography, it's good to go from Mannheim to Strasbourg first befor heading to Cologne, because Strasbourg is very close to the border, few hundred kilometes from mannheim. it's a trip of very few hours on the road, whereas cologne is a lot further north). [thanks princesanji]


    I wouldn't go as far as calling it bullshit. It's not completely unrealistic ... In a logistic manner, it's always best to choose the shortest distance between two spots or schedule a tour by the availability of the venues and then short distances. Mannheim - Strasbourg are around 150 km; Strasbourg - Cologne are 360 km; Cologne - Antwerpen are 225 km; Antwerpen - Paris are 350 km. So not really that far even though they cross different countries. It's just a simple 'north-to-south' schedule, IMO. But of course we still don't know whether these dates are accurate or not so it's just complete speculation. I'm pretty sure they will play Paris Bercy more than once and also the Ahoy in Rotterdam. Plus dates/concerts are most of the time up to the promoter not up to the band. A promoter needs to make sure to be able to sell out the concerts at a certain location (okay, with Coldplay probably not really a big risk ), so they would only choose cities/venues which may apply to that. And I'm pretty sure this tour is going to be continued after Portugal, with more dates. [thanks LittleMissMessy]


    On the one hand, it seems weird to tour the same countries again in a few months. There were festivals this summer in a majority of those listed countries... The Viva tour started right after the album was released, but there were not almost 30 gigs right before the release... But on the other hand, why would anyone put so much effort to make a list of dates and venues if it wasn't true... Oh well, we just have to wait and see. [thanks wisna]


    The VLV Tour started June 15, 2008 - the album was released 6/11. So 5 days. Now, if the album really gets released on October 24th, as stated by several magazines, and the first concert would be mid-November - then that's more than 3 weeks. And I would call that "slightly longer". I'm not sure whether to believe in those dates. They seem pretty accurate. And why would anyone make up those very possible dates? But still, lerene doesn't make any effort to let us know where he got those dates from... [thanks LocoMH]


    After the "festival tour" (let's call it that) :-) finishes in South Africa on October 8, the album comes out end of October. The European Arena tour starts about a month later, i. e. end of November / beginning of December. This will be quite an exhaustive tour, therefore I supppose they will play more cities in countries like France, Germany, Italy etc as well as arena shows in other countries like Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia etc. After the European leg ends towards spring 2012 (around March), they will play arenas in the US and Canada. They then will return to Europe for summer stadium shows. I suppose they won't play any festivals in 2012, only their own stadium shows. And then if all goes according to plan, the tour will continue until the end of 2012.... That's the way it will be. The European arena tour will end in the UK in March 2012. And there will be also stadium shows in the UK in the summer (August) 2012. [thanks lerene - from July]


    What the tour schedule would look like viewed in chronological order on Google Maps... [thanks iriden]




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