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    UPDATES: Chris Martin On Radio One

    cmradio1.jpgStay tuned for a regularly updated post about the highlights of Chris Martin's big special night as the DJ of Zane Lowe's show at BBC Radio 1 today from 7 pm.


    Before taking over the DJ show, Chris talked to Scott Mills, saying he'd brought a keyboard into the studio to do a 2-hours-jazz-show: "So if you're into jazz - tonight's the night!" In addition, when asked whether drinking your wife's breast milk would be fine, Chris simply replies "Yeah", also saying he'd drunk breast milk himself already. Seems like we can expect Chris to be as fun and crazy as usually...


    Chris welcomes the radio listeners with a loud scream, followed by the introduction of his "best friend" Simon Pegg [comedian and actor; starred in 'Shaun of the Dead', a comedy-horror movie that also featured Chris in a cameo role] and introducing himself with the words "Hello, I'm Chris from the band Coldhead" - and his first tune is, of course, a Jay-Z track!

    Next, Chris plays on the keyboard, chats with Simon Pegg and creates his own Radio 1 Jingle. And what's the next tune? The amazing guys of Bloc Party with their brand new song - he says: "My prediction for 2007: Bloc Party are gonna take over!"


    Chris comes up with a game and a brilliant jingle going along with it: "Helping with your homework" He calls out for people who need help with geography, science, home economics, French - "oh no, not French, I hate French".


    Chris prefers playing some melodies on the keyboard instead of "pretending to be a DJ": "I'm gonna let my music talk."


    Chris gets pissed at Simon because he's been calling him "Christopher Martin" non-stop. Simon then goes on to call him Steve instead.


    After just 35 minutes, Chris is already sick of his game jingle: "I'm bored of that jingle already, it's even worse than 'Yellow'!"


    Chris outs himself as a big Arcade Fire and Dinosaurs fan.


    When a 13-year-old girl calls to get help for a romantic poem, Chris says: "Oh, only 13? Something has yet to cross your little door then... I'm just joking!" Chris says he hasn't written poems since he was 25. But he's giving it a try anyway: "I look deeply in your eyes, your thunder breasts.."


    When being asked a question about golf courses, Chris goes on rhyming: "To keep the greens green, to keep the bunkers bunky, and to keep the caddies funky."


    When introducing an R.E.M. song: "Check this out if you wanna sleep like a baby."


    Milk TeethWow, guess what: Chris played a track by Milk Teeth, his brother's band [more info & a picture at the Chris biography page]! Simon then tells listeners to check out their music at their MySpace site.


    When asked how Chris and Simon met, Simon tells the story of Chris coming up to him as a "goofy, little geek" when Coldplay were supporting the indie band Toploader a few years ago.


    Simon tells Chris: "Everything you say sounds dirty."


    When being asked by a listener to come up with original music group names, Chris suggests Cardinals of Idiots and says: "I used to be a big pop star, sunshine. I got everything: I got a car, I got a wife, I got everything. Don't ever disrespect me again! Play a song, man, play something sad, please!" It then goes off to Nick Cave's duet with Kylie Minogue [who's a good friend of Chris], 'Where the Wild Roses Grow'.


    Chris tells a story about a radio DJ he splashed water on as a kid, and that the same guy turned into a transvestite a few years later - "Go, guessing", Chris assumes it was because of the water! - Chris is one crazy man!


    Chris says that the other Coldplay guys are currently working on new tracks while Chris took 3 hours off to do the radio show.


    Chris spreads his wisdom, talking about his self-confidence: "You gotta be hungry, if you wanna be brilliant."


    Chris admits once again that he's a big fan of casting show The X Factor and says he feels bad for all the kids being rejected: "I was watching The X Factor and thought to my tiny brain: Chris, could you do that? So I went into some kind of a closet at our house.." Simon interrupts him: "Have you come out yet?" Chris: "You're very funny. So.. I tried to sing one of the songs, going like 'Wishin' on a star..' and even I had to admit, it was terrible."


    Question Session:


    What was your worst and favourite subject at school?

    Favourite: "Music, obviously."


    When was the last time that you really truly cried?

    I don't wanna get cheesy.. When was the last time I cried - I can't tell you, it's too cheesy. I cried yesterday actually, a little bit, because I heard a friend of mine sing and it was amazing.


    He tells Simon: "I cried at your wedding because I had to watch someone I love being taken away from me."


    I don't give a flying monkey about these questions.


    hotfuzz.jpgWhat is your favourite album of all time?

    Hot Fuzz Soundtrack [pictured, right]


    What website do you use the most?

    The News, or Anime [not sure if he said that], or something..


    2006 - lots of great shows, what was the best one?

    What about 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'? 'Entourage'?


    When dying to answer a question, Chris says: "I'm hoovering at the moment!" and Simon points out he looks like he "is blushing to death."


    Chris says he loves the song "Boy from School" by Hot Chip, dedicating it to "Keith and Mark"..


    Chris tells a story about once playing a song to Will, but that Will rejected it because it sounded too much like U2's 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'.


    travis1.jpgQuestion from Dave from The Zutons [who hosted the Radio 1 show the evening before]: "How many clocks do you have [in your house]?" "Clocks?", Chris asks and goes on playing a bit of the song, adding: "I wrote that. And that's why I'm rich."


    Towards the end of the show: "I've only got 15 minutes left and I'm back to being a pop star."


    "I know it's cheesy to say but there's nothing better than being in a band. I'm so glad I'm in a band and not a DJ. When you're on the stage with your band, you feel like the world is yours and everything's going to be fine."


    Insider info: Chris mentions that his sister is currently doing her GCSEs - means she has to be something around 16 years old!


    Chris saying Goodbye: "We're gonna finish with an incredible exclusive, with a song by Travis

    , a band that invented my band and Radiohead.. no I mean that these two bands-tha..! Good night, good bye. Travis, here you go! See ya!"


    All words: Flying Sparks and Coldplaying's Chris DJ discussion

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