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    Virgin Media: Coldplay Album To Be Released In May

    coldplay4a.jpgVirgin media are reporting that Coldplay's LP4 will have a release date of May 2008. Their article reads:


    At the start of another year, there's much anticipation about what 2008 will bring to the music scene. Here we look forward to the eagerly-awaited long players from some of the industry's biggest names. Expected: May - Coldplay - (Title TBC): Their first album Parachutes soundtracked virtually every student hall when it was released in 2000, while follow-up A Rush Of Blood To The Head enabled them to break America.


    Read news of other forthcoming releases here


    Meanwhile The Sun are reporting that 2008 will be a great year for music, but haven't given any Coldplay info that we didn't already know. They report:


    Eno is also producer on Coldplay’s fourth album, rumoured to be called Prospekt. It’s thought to be a concise album and the one “people will remember them by”. Among song titles are Famous Old Painters, Glass Of Water, Poppy Fields and Leftrightleftrightleft.


    Read their guide on forthcoming releases here

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