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    Viva La Cancellation - Scranton/Hershey 'situation' becoming clearer

    coldplayticket.jpgIf you bought tickets for the Coldplay concert on May 29 at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, which was cancelled last Friday, you can get a full refund at the point of purchase. With the refund, you’ll get a password that will allow you to access special tickets for “great seats,” according to the Live Nation press realease, for the May 24 show in Hershey that were set aside only fans who purchased tickets to the show here.


    The reason for the cancellation, according to the press release, was a scheduling conflict. However, if you stop and think about “special tickets” being available at the Hershey show for people who bought tickets here, it’s easy to wonder if the true reason was poor ticket sales. If there had been 5,000 or so tickets sold already, it’s hard to imagine that many “great seats” still being available in Hershey. $35 tickets were added this week, where the previous low was $49.50. Also, a 4 seats @ $30/ea package was added, with many radio stations giving tickets away on air. Prices may drop again - last year Hershey were desperate to fill seats for Counting Crows/Maroon 5 - Tickets that were over $50 ended up being $10.41. Poison tickets were sold for under $10.


    More on the Scranton/Hershey ticket situation at the Coldplay Live forum here onwards [thanks mimixxx, toobusytoday & reddarog]

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