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    Viva La Vida: Your Thoughts On Coldplay's New Album Title

    We've been asking you what you think of Coldplay's latest album title, Viva la Vida. So far we've had hundreds of votes and counting, and there have been mixed results, both on the poll below and on the forums. There have been plenty of interesting comments. Some of them are below:




    I personally love Viva La Vida. To be honest, WHATEVER it was called someone would have hated it and said it's cheesy [thanks Fixed]


    It reminds me of Live's 5th album...Ed Kowalczyk wanted to call it 'Ecstatic Fanatic', and the fans hated it so much that he ended up calling it V instead [thanks TracieMorgan]


    Viva la Vida isn't my favorite title ever, i'll definitely say that. but i can think of much lamer titles that we'd be bitching about more. and i'm just really happy it's not self-titled. that would have made me smack my forehead and roll my eyes [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]


    I don't really care for the title, but the title doesn't really matter to me,as long as the music is good [thanks snowshine]


    I'm glad to finally know some details and yesterday was awesome due to the discovery of the new web site...but it would've been way more fun for Coldplay to tell us themselves instead of telling Rolling Stone...oh well... [thanks melanieau]


    Honestly, it's a title. X&Y is a rather shit title if you think about it. As long as it's not a shit album, too, I don't care if they name it Miss Pendlewood's Day Care For Dangerous and Special Children or something like that [thanks rayman]

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