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    Watch 'Gravity' Video Online

    The Coldplay penned Gravity is to be the comeback single of Embrace. You can watch their video online here and let people know what you think here


    If you are intending to buy the single, you may wish to support Oxfam as part of a special campaign.


    From Monday 23rd August you'll be able to download Gravity from the Oxfam music site BigNoiseMusic a week before the official release date. The download will also count towards the first ever official Download chart, which will be announced on September 1st. The track will cost just 99p, 10p of which goes directly to Oxfam to help end poverty. Big Noise Music is part of Oxfam's global campaign to Make Trade Fair.


    For further insight info on Gravity, click more >>US RELEASE DATE: N/A

    UK RELEASE DATE: 30 August 2004


    Two years on from the eternally popular "The Good Will Out" LP and Embrace are back, with their new single "Gravity" set for release August 30.


    Taken from their new album "Out Of Nothing", released September 13, the single takes up where the band left off - soaring melodies and Danny McNamara's familiarly comforting vocals. Only this time there's a twist:


    Gravity would sit comfortably alongside any one of Embrace songs. And yet it was written by Coldplay singer and songwriter Chris Martin.


    The decision to record another artist's song might seem surprising were it not for a long standing friendship between Martin and McNamara dating back to when Coldplay supported Embrace at the Blackpool Empress Ballroom in 2000.


    Martin originally wrote the song for Coldplay but as it developed it became clear to him that the song might be better suited to Embrace. As he explains, "We've always loved Embrace and Danny is one of my best friends. When we wrote Gravity we thought it sounded far too much like them for us, but not too much like them for them, so I asked Danny if he wanted the song and that was that."


    The new album, produced by Youth, comes ahead of a major UK tour throughout October.

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