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    What you thought of Coldplay's latest fashion statement...

    fashionstatement1a.jpgColdplay's last record Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends hit stores in 2008. They dressed as French revolutionaries to promote the album, wearing military-style jackets and many buttons. Their as-yet-untitled fifth record is due to be available this autumn and the group have decided to jazz up their look again.


    Having previously explained their new sound is inspired by New York graffiti, Coldplay have taken to wearing relaxed-coloured jackets, contrasting t-shirts and carrying around cans of spray paint. Chris Martin has undergone a particular style overhaul. Gone are his curly locks, and in place is a smart, slicked-back style.


    Their new look was unveiled as they announced the first single from the new album era, which will be available from this Friday, called Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. We asked you on the messageboard what you thought of the new look, and you also voted in favour of the fashion statement. The results and comments so far are as follows...



    The Sun said: "They've gone back into the sewing kit for some new outfits. Last time around on Viva La Vida in 2008 Coldplay took on the style of French revolutionaries. But this time, they have come bang up to speed - decked out in contemporary clothing, wielding spray cans and using some bright neon artwork. Best of all, frontman Chris is sporting a new slicked back barnet - paying homage to Clash rocker Joe Strummer. The band revealed artwork for their upcoming single Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall yesterday - plus shots of their brave new look. It's definitely going to get the Coldplay fans talking - and probably the Zoolander fashion crowd too."


    Mr. Berryman ~ I look forward to one day owning this jacket too. I'm loving the jacket's cut & color. New, yet still pays homage to previous tour pieces. As for the rest.. Overall I like it all, however I really wish Will were in something with a bit more POP of color. I fear he'll get lost in the depths of the stage/drum kit with the black & dark brown. [thanks Afeather]


    I don't really care this time around if I'm being honest. It's quite clear that they'll never go back to wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and if anything the Viva era was more over the top than this. And it's interesting how I don't see people bitching about Muse's outfits on here, and AFAIK most Muse fans actually think it's rather fun. Nothing to complain about, seriously. [thanks Zemy101]


    I don't really think it's the actual clothes I have a problem with (with the exception of Will's green pants...WTF ), so much as the accessories on the jackets. The patches on the jackets are oversized and look silly. Jonny's in particular bothers me due to placement. Why would you want a patch on the bottom of the sleeve? Also, Will's jacket in general is just weird. Wearing that type of brown puffy jacket with that shade of green pants isn't quite right, and the zipper...why does anyone need a zipper on the top part of the sleeve? What makes people think this is cool? Having said that, however, I do like what they've done with their hair. [thanks violetsparks]


    Nothing mean here, but I don't really get people saying they don't care about clothes and that it's just about the music. Of course music is way more important but clothes are a way to make the music's world, the album's world 'come true'. They're part of the music's universe and that's why I really care. I like it, and I'm sure I'll find it even better when I'll know the album and how they look like live. What I love the most here is how it is still related to the Viva outfits (and I loved Viva outfits, I'm really gonna miss them!), it's like a huge update, you know. I don't really like the pictures though. The first one -with Guy holding the spray can- is OK, but the second one? I don't like the 'staging' (can you say that for a picture?), the light, the colours, their faces... Maybe I'll understand it when the album comes out. Now I can't wait for Liam Gallagher's reaction. [thanks Lu'kaa]


    Hmm, let's look at this objectively: we might like or not like the colors and exact things they wear (personally, I'm not a big fan of bright closes and for me black color has always been stylish, though I discovered that many ppl consider it boring, so... ), but we should admit that they look by no means ridiculous or silly... [thanks lafinion]


    Apart from Guy's trousers I could walk past anyone dressed like that and not notice a thing. Dressed in Viva style costumes of course I'd notice that! But this time they are discreet yet trendy. And yet people are offended by it. Some of you people must be utter nightmares on the high street. Not normal?! What are you? The fashion Gestapo?! The whole co ordinated clothes looks pretty effortless to me. Trying to hard? Sorry that is complete and utter rubbish. Their job is to create sounds and present them in an appropriate manner. With the themes they're working on, it'd be pretty cheap for them to make no distinction between the themes of the album and transmit them on stage. You may not like it but they're doing the right thing. It's not superficial if the themes are present in the music. What Lady Gaga and the rest do is perform on stage in costume that has no relevance what so ever to the "music" she is singing to. That is superficial. She would perform dressed up as a birthday cake while singing a song about chasing after men. What that has to do with dressing up as a birthday cake I don't know but that's the sort of thing she would do. And judging by the stupid costumes that complete fad has worn I wouldn't be surprised if she has done that. [thanks howyousawtheworld]


    Unless it's just a bad angle x2, I'm NOT a fan of Chris's hair. And I like that the jackets are kind of more dressed-down, and that Will's looks like a normal leather jacket especially, but I was personally hoping they wouldn't do coordinated clothes/costumes this time around. I kind of hope they don't beat these into the ground and wear the same thing at every gig and public appearance for two years straight. As much as they're pushing this graffiti motif, I highly doubt they're going to be singing ABOUT graffiti and spray paint. It's the same thing with VLV: they told us to expect a Latin flavor sort of thing (or the media did), and really it was present only in the undertones. Like I say, I'm all for everyone doing what they want and what they think is best. It just doesn't gel well with my ideas about what I'd like the band to be focusing on. I think they'd benefit from everything being a bit more stripped down. The Crisis gigs were like that, and I thought that might have been the best I've ever seen them perform, and the most refreshing show from them I've ever seen. [thanks ApproximatelyInfinite]


    I think the shoes will be of the boot kind with the laces undone, kinda military looking, Chris might have said laces tied in case he is flying around the stage, wouldn't want him tripping. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WHOLE THEME!!!! I can't wait for it to all unfold!!!! Well done so far Guys!!!!! [thanks MartinFan]


    I personally don't have much of a problem with these outfits. They're actually fairly normal (minus the wierd patches) compared to the Viva uniforms. That being said, I have to agree that I don't hope they wear the exact same to every gig like they did in the Viva era. Thankfully, I think this look lends itself to being more flexible so that they can and will dress slightly different for each performance. I'm not a huge fan of Chris's hair, but I think I'll get used to it in time. Who knows, he may not even keep it that way for long. Same goes for the clothes. We don't know if that's exactly what they'll wear during the festivals. This is just the first promotional shoot. [thanks lotrobsessed101]


    I'm getting tired of 'Ugh I just wish Coldplay would go back to what they were' people. Honestly Coldplay is a band that's always changing- and as they learn more and develop their music, themes and the way they look will change too. The awesome thing about being a Coldplay fan is that I know that Friday's song won't be another 'The Scientist' or 'Fix You'. It's gonna be fresh. I think Coldplay finally look as cool as their music does. [thanks DieProspekt]


    I think this poll shows peoples real thoughts. There seems to be a lot of negative people around at the moment but the poll clearly shows that the majority like the change (myself included) so lets not let the haters get us down! [thanks Dan 6N]






    Photos via Coldplay.com


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