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    Will Champion In Message To Coldplay Online Community

    willchampion.jpgHi, this is Will from the band. I’ve sent you this email because the people who run our message board have told me that you are one of the few key members of our online community and We really need your help.


    First of all, thank you so much for your continued support not only of our band but also of the website and our general online presence. Secondly we are about to totally relaunch our website and with it, change the way that our fans can interact with us and each other.


    Here’s where you come in: the [official] message board will soon be shut down but we really need you to be at centre of the effort to continue to keep the Coldplay community together through as many channels as is necessary. We have a myspace page and i believe that there are other messageboards and Coldplay fan forums which must carry the torch until the new site is ready.

    If you have any other suggestions as to how we can achieve this (any new types of social networking or such like) please send them to Debs. When the new site is running we would love it if you could provide feedback as to its usability and content and anything you feel could be done to improve it. I have only sent this email to a handful of people and I hope you understand how much we appreciate your help and continued support. Without you and people like you we would be nowhere.


    Thank you very much

    Lots of love,



    [Thanks Debs]


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