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    Will Champion joins KFM Breakfast to recap on Cape Town and outline Coldplay's schedule for 2011/12

    6014616388_9bbd9a8156_s.jpgAfter the phenomenal concert in the Cape Town stadium, Will Champion joined Ryan O'Connor on KFM Breakfast. They chatted about the concert and what Joburg can expect on Saturday. Will also spoke about Coldplay's itinery for the remainder of 2011 and into 2012 - including reference to the US (probably the Today Show on 21st October). Listen via Soundcloud to what he had to say - the best bits of the interview are transcripted below...


    Will Champion on last night's concert in Cape Town: "It's such a pleasure to be here [in South Africa]. It's good to hear [the feedback on the concert has been great]. Sometimes you can never tell, but I think last night I could tell that it was a good show so thankyou to everyone who came and we're so privileged to come to this beautiful city and hopefull we'll be here again soon.


    On the city of Cape Town, Will continued: "We saw a fair bit of the city; we went up Table Mountain the day before yesterday (Tuesday) which was just beautiful, to see the site from up there. It's just such a stunning place, and we've never been to Africa before as a band and I don't think we could've had a better welcome or a better feel for the place than coming to Cape Town. Just such a beautiful place."

    What people can expect when they see Coldplay in Joburg on Saturday: "Obviously because we have a new album coming out there's quite a lot of new material so we want to get the balance right between playing old songs and new songs and I would say that the stadium we played in last night was beautiful and it's been a while since we played anywhere like that - the last time we played a stadium was in London (Wembley) in September 2009. But we feel very at home in a big stadium. As long as the crowd are as warm and receptive as they were last night - hopefull Joburg will be a great show as well."


    On how Mylo Xyloto is different from Parachutes: "It's stratospherically different to Parachutes. With every album, we try and take a step in a different direction. It's colourful. This time we really wanted to focus on the visual side of the abum, which we touched upon a little bit with the last record, Viva la Vida. This time there is a very strong visual identity behind the record - very colourful, very bright - a burst of colour onto a background of sorts. So that's the key - colour and energy - those are my two watch words."


    On what next for Coldplay, 2011-2012: "Although it feels like we've been on tour a long time already, the album [Mylo Xyloto] isn't even out yet. So we're kind of at the foothills just about to scale Table Mountain. We're right at the bottom and we've got a long way to go. We get home [after Joburg], have a few days at home and then we go back to the States and do some more work there, and basically from now until the end of the year we're pretty full on and then we start again in the second month of 2012. So we've still got a long way to go."


    More new photos of Coldplay @ Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa (5th October 2011):














    More photos available via Big Concerts @ Facebook now.


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