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    Will Coldplay retain their C-stage on tour? The Oracle keeps us guessing...

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    August 19, 2010 - submitted by Kathryn, United States of America

    Q. Does the band plan to still have the C stage on their next tour?

    The Oracle replies:

    Well you know me well enough to know that I couldn't and wouldn't reveal any future plans but what I will say is that the past couple of tours had a segment of the show set aside where the band would leave the main stage to perform for the audience further back. I can't imagine them not continuing to find a way to do this but it's not set in stone and of course if it was - I wouldn't say!

    August 19, 2010 - submitted by Dany, Italy

    Q. Is this true? (Coldplay Plays For Universal Music & Makes Big $$$ For Doing So!)

    The Oracle replies:

    Here are the facts: Coldplay signed to BMG Music Publishing in 1999. BMG were later bought out by Universal and so Coldplay automatically became part of that deal. Caroline Elleray who signed them to BMG is now Head of A&R at Universal and when the band's contract came up for renewal the boys renewed it. It's a very normal negotiation.


    August 19, 2010 - submitted by Suzanne, United Kingdom

    Q. Mighty Oracle, please give me some motivation to lose weight apart from:

    1. It is highly healthy

    2. I'll be much more beautiful

    3. I might make Alex Turner fall in love with me and leave his stupendous Alexa Chung for this.

    I'm seriously down since I used to be so skinny and now that I'm a little depressed I gained kind of 6.700 lbs. I know there's more important things than this, but I'm really sad about it. HELP ME IF YOU CAN, I'M FEELING DOWN.

    The Oracle replies:

    Right Suzanne I am worried about you even though you're aware there are more important things... 6.7lbs is not even half a stone. What is it about girls and weight? That makes me really sad. Ignore airbrushed photographs of people who have access to personal trainers and dieticians. Your motivation should only be health; happiness does not necessarily follow weight loss. It's not always healthy to lose weight and can be dangerous. I don't know what you currently weigh or if it was quite recent when you were "so skinny" but if you want to lose weight because you are obese and want to get healthier fair enough. If however you are an ideal weight for your age, height and build - which sounds like "so skinny" + 6.7 lbs could be - then you do not need to lose any weight at all. It's natural to put it on as you get older by the way and I wouldn't imagine 6.7 lbs is going to make you less beautiful. Beauty is not relevant to size and sorry to burst your bubble but it ain't gonna make Alex Turner leave his girlfriend (who by the way I personally do not find attractive as she is too skinny for my taste).




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