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    X-clusive: Oasis Vs Coldplay: The Q Spat In Full

    Reports suggest that at the Q Awards yesterday those long-standing enemies Coldplay and Oasis locked horns yet again for another round of mud-slinging and fisticuffs. So why are Noel, Liam and Chris discussing playing a gig together?


    While Liam is reported to have heckled Coldplay’s Chris Martin with shouts of “plant pot”, it was all smiles and handshakes between the Oasis and Coldplay camps at yesterday’s Q Awards as their respective leaders, Noel Gallagher and Martin, got together on the red carpet to discuss the so-called feud between the two groups.


    CM: "Noel, are we in a fight?”

    NG: "No... You and our kid are.”

    CM: "Are we? I don't get it.”

    NG: "I have no idea…”

    CM: "Who started this fight then?”

    NG: "You did, you lairy bastard. No, really we're good friends..."

    CM: "Well we used to be friends, until he slept with my sister.”


    CM: “How many awards did you win? Like twelve?"

    NG: "We won as many as you"

    CM: "Well, we won one..”

    NG: "Oh, and we got two”

    CM: "So you won twice as many as we did?”

    NG: "Well, better luck next year..."


    NG: "He's not in a fight with him [Chris], he's just being Liam isn't he?”

    CM: "Are we in a fight?”

    NG: "Course not. Are we gonna work together?”


    CM: "Big time. We're gonna do Live 9 in December, and Oasis are gonna do it this time because they want to save the world, finally”

    NG: "We'll do Stop The Congestion Charge 2008, cause let's face it, that's f**king important.”


    But while Noel was lapping up his Best Album and People’s Choice awards and discussing the two bands’ next charity projects, there was still the small matter of Liam…


    "Look, I like Chris Martin,” he told Xfm. “I’m getting him at it, it's a bit of fun innit? If he thinks I'm serious he's been hanging around with his bird too much..."


    Consider the horse’s mouth to have spoken.


    Source: xfm.co.uk

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