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    X&Y Under Tight Security

    X&Y hits stores on June 6th... but don't expect to hear it before then.


    The new album will be kept under a watchful eye until its retail release date in order to prohibit it from "finding its way" onto the plethora of Internet download sites. Even critics, who typically receive advance copies of release to review, must adhere to the tight security policy surrounding "X&Y." Instead of a CD copy of the recording, reviewers may only preview Coldplay's latest via an IPod locked in a glass case and surrounded by security guards.


    The album, which is the follow-up to the band's multi-platinum 2002 smash "A Rush of Blood to the Head," stands to make alot of money for its distributor (EMI Records) and they are certainly taking no chances with said revenue. The company already reported a marked decline in profits when the album was delayed earlier this year, which perhaps explains the overzealous security measures.


    If the first single from "X&Y" is anything to go by, EMI is smart to take such extreme measures with the album. In its first week, "Speed of Sound" topped the ITunes music charts worldwide, indicating the future commercial potential for its parent album. In Addition, "Speed of Sound" has also become one of the most requested songs on American radio stations since its April 18 airwave release.


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