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    A Kaleidoscope of Coldplayedits

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    Imagination knows no limit over at Coldplayedits on Twitter. Lately, this has largely been due to the remarkable work of our very own Coldplayer, flockofbirds222.


    Coldplayedits is THE place to go to request custom lock screens, headers, icons inspired by Coldplay. Currently, you can get your very own edits to the Kaleidoscope EP cover. We have shown only a couple here, but flockofbirds222 has been busy making over 50 to date, and the requests are flying in like, well, birds!


    Check out the creativity a number of Coldplay fans have already shown in their edits @Coldplayedits and lock screens like the one Holly requested below. So just who is this talented team at @Coldplayedits and why are they generously sharing their time and talents with fans? Here is how flockofbirds222, a.k.a. Emilia explained it.

    Emilia's Inspiration

    "I've always enjoyed to draw or work with editing programs on the computer." Like many of us, responsibilities took her away from this love of art, but it was Coldplay and their fandom that inspired her to put on her creative hat and apply her talents to making edits. While @coldplayedits has been around awhile, flockofbirds222 joined the team about a year ago.  Since another team member briefly stepped away, flock has been doing most of the edits.  Lucky for her, she now has help again to keep up with the demand her skills have generated!


    Originally inspired by an edit she made for herself, Emilia had an idea: Why not build on everyone's excitement about Kaleidoscope and offer us the chance to send in the words we would like on our own covers? Brilliant! Expecting a meagre 10 or so responses to her offer on Twitter, Emilia was pleasantly shocked by the number of requests. "It makes me so happy that so many people like my idea."

    A Sense of Purpose

    She adds, "Creating things is where I can forget time and feel like I have a purpose." Self-taught, she started doing edits on a phone app and keeps learning by trying new things that bring her joy. To aspiring artists, flock has this to say: "I think that's the most important thing to remember is do what you feel passionate about. It doesn't matter if others seem to be better at it, what matters is if you like it."


    Our editing wizard, flockofbirds222 also posts her art on Instagram at justaflockofbirdsTo her favourite band, she has this message, "I am grateful to Coldplay because, without them, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing." Flockofbirds222, we are grateful to YOU! Remember to see the artwork of all our talented Coldplayers on the thread, "Show us your Coldplay related art" in the Coldplaying section on the Forums! It is pure genius!


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