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    Coldplay Chronology: The Complete Guide

    4a.pngColdplay Chronology: The Complete Guide


    On May 1, 2007, Coldplay.com was temporarily shut down. When the site was accessed, a note appeared atop an image of the previous site, reading: We are building a new site. It will be here VERY soon. Love, Coldplay.


    On June 18, 2007, the site was relaunched with a new design that resembles a journal timeline with hand written excerpts, pictures, and videos. Based around a timeline of the band’s history, the site is designed to keep you entertained until they return with their next album. Their message read:


    All four members of Coldplay have been heavily involved in the re-design of the site. Their hand-written accounts will accompany each of the entries on the constantly-expanding timeline, for which the band have opened up their extensive archive of flyers, pictures, videos and audio recordings.


    Now, WikiColdplay is proud to present to you a complete record of the timeline here


    If all you want is the Prospekt album updates, don't worry - click here for the Coldplay journal entries for LP4.

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