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    Coldplaying App reaches 1000 downloads on Google Play - Thank you!

    We've reached a landmark for the number of downloads of our new mobile app. 'Coldplaying' has been downloaded and installed over 1,000 times on the Google Play (Android) store since it's launch, a few months ago! The current figure on the Android platform stands at 1,030 downloads, while the iOS app has a figure of 750 downloads, bringing the total figure of Coldplaying app downloads to 1780!


    Thanks for downloading the app and we hope you're enjoying it. If you haven't tried the app yet, you can find more info here. The app will come into its own during the next tour, when you can discuss every concert and if even meet up with other Coldplayers, so we're very excited for the future of the app!


    We would also appreciate it, if you could rate the app and let us know what you think, using the links below.


    The new Coldplaying app - now available for Android, iPhone & iPad! (V1.1)


    The Coldplaying app for Android devices

    The Coldplaying app for iPhone & iPad


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