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    Coldplaying Awards 2014 - Vote now!

    Coldplaying Awards 2014 - Vote now!

    The Coldplaying Awards return for 2014 and you have a chance to vote for fellow Coldplayers in a huge range of categories (42 awards to be exact)! The voting will run immediately until Wednesday 10th December and the awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 15th December.


    There are now social awards for the poster of the year on Facebook and Twitter, along with the fanpage of the year 2014, so even if you're not a regular on the forums, you can still have your say! Simply follow the instructions in the link at the bottom of the article and submit your ballot to the Awards2014 account and feel free to leave a section blank if you do not wish to vote in that category.


    Coldplay Awards 2014


    Full list of Awards up for grabs :


    Coldplay-related awards


    Mr Coldplaying 2014:

    Mrs Coldplaying 2014:

    Biggest Chris fan 2014:

    Biggest Jonny Fan 2014:

    Biggest Will fan 2014:

    Biggest Guy fan 2014:

    Biggest Phil fan 2014:

    Biggest Coldplay fan 2014:

    'Bakery' Award: Best Coldplay fan moment of 2014:

    Best thread of 2014 - Coldplay section:


    Ambassador awards:


    Northern & Western Europe Ambassador 2014:

    Eastern & Southern Europe Ambassador 2014:

    Asian Ambassador 2014:

    North American Ambassador 2014:

    Mexican & Central American Ambassador 2014:

    South American Ambassador 2014:

    African Ambassador 2014:

    Oceania Ambassador 2014:




    Most interesting poster 2014:

    Friendliest user 2014:

    Funniest poster 2014:

    Biggest spammer 2014:

    Sexiest user 2014:

    Biggest Coldplaying perv 2014:

    Best thread of 2014 - General Discussion Area section:

    Best newcomer to Coldplaying.com 2014:

    Best staff member 2014:

    Most likely to scare Coldplay and Marc into an early retirement 2014:

    Missing in action 2014:




    Best signature 2014:

    Best avatar 2014:

    Biggest smiley user 2014:


    World Of Music/entertainment (Coldplay excluded from this section):


    Best album of 2014:

    Best song of 2014:

    Best artist/group 2014:

    Best artist/group newcomer 2014:

    Best live act 2014:

    Best movie 2014:


    Social Awards (excluding Coldplaying)


    Tweeter of the year 2014:

    Facebooker of the year 2014:

    Twitter page of the year 2014:

    Facebook group of the year 2014:







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