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    Coldplaying.com Reaches 100,000 Members!!!

    Coldplay party


    The Coldplaying forums have just hit the huge milestone of 100,000 members! Yes, over the period of 15 years, we've had 100k accounts created. The first one was an admin account created in the year 2000 by Busybeeburns A.K.A Ian, who managed the whole of Coldplaying.com for a magnificent 14 years! The site was then sold in April 2014 and I've been running it from that point (Sparky).


    Back in 2005 (when I originally signed up), the Coldplaying forums were not the largest as Coldplay.com had it's own official forum. Usually, most fans would have come from those forums first, including myself. CPing was seen as a more tight-knit community and a place for fans to browse through multimedia/un-purchasable downloads, along with Coldplaybootlegs. When the official forums closed in 2006, Coldplaying became the center of the community for Coldplay fans and the activity increased. There have been so many great times over the years, with all of the multimedia contributions, polls, discussions/debates and live concert threads. I'm sure no one forgets the chaos which took place every time an album was streamed or leaked. Thousands and thousands of fans flooding onto the forums, the servers working on overdrive and crashing every 10 minutes! I'm sure there's some of you who remember the Coldplay fan invasion on the Justin Timberlake forums, when 'VLVODAAHF' leaked and that huge mega thread just before the 'Ghost Stories' release, which eventually imploded from the sheer weight of all the posts! Many great times and we hope for many more during the 'A Head Full Of Dreams' era :)


    Like any forum, it's also had huge challenges to face such as spam, disruptive behavior and inactivity at certain points but Ian maintained it and we wouldn't of had so many great moments if it wasn't for him. All of the moderators who have helped run the forums over years deserve great recognition too! A huge thank you from all of the Coldplaying team to every single member who has taken part in our community over the years. It's your enthusiasm that makes the forums special for us all!


    The 100,000th member, who has gained instant fame in our community is 'Iiris'. Congratulations to you!!! 10 posts already! We're also glad your not a spambot ;)


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