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    Coldplaying Team Expansion 2017

    Interested in working for the largest Coldplay fan-site around? Check out the roles below and see if you have what it takes to join the Coldplaying team.


    Coldplaying is an unofficial Coldplay fan-site with the largest user base, most followers and the only English Coldplay forum with active members. Our team is a hard-working and passionate "family" that devote a lot of their time to the band. The team and I are looking forward to a massive expansion of staff in 2017! We are looking for:



    forum moderators

    forum content managers

    forum developer/coder

    Facebook authors

    wiki editors

    wiki developer/coder

    Remember that all Coldplaying team members are unpaid volunteers that do not receive any perks or benefits (eg. free concert tickets, merchandise etc.). 

    How to Apply?

    To apply, Email us with your wanted role as the subject. Share your previous work and tell us a little bit about yourself using the guidelines below.

    Tell us some basic information about yourself, eg. your age, country, timezone, gender, first language etc. Exact age is not required but just let us know what age range you are in.

    Let us know what you would like to do at Coldplaying. Please pick from the list above or something else that we did not think of.

    Tell us about your ideas, skills and how you will be a great addition to the Coldplaying team. 

    Show us your work. Include samples and links in your emails. This can heavily increase your chance of being accepted


    We require you to have fast internet and modern devices. Please visit speedtest.net, take the test, and share your results link with us in the email. Be sure to include your devices in the email (eg. Macbook Pro Early-2016, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6, Dell XPS 13, etc.)




    Thank you for your interest in joining the Coldplaying Team. We hope to hear from you before January 15th.


    Stephen Dolan




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