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    Coldplaying's 'Postcards From Far Away' Project: Update Expected Today

    postcardsstamp_1.pngThanks to all our members and visitors who sent postcards to the Coldplay PO Box address before Christmas as part of the 'Postcards From Far Away Project', and of course showed them off to everyone on the messageboard. The postcards have already been delivered to Coldplay at the Bakery by Debs Wild, and an official response is expected later today. Here is the latest update:


    Hi everyone! Well I got back from London earlier and all I will tell you at this moment is.... The postcards were delivered yesterday and it was AMAZING!! They were SO chuffed. I promise there will be a lot more news on this subject but not right now. Bear with me... Well done guys, you did yourselves proud! As you know things round here are always subject to change and you might have noticed we've been a bit busy! But.... have a few days off and I'll see you Monday! I'm right in thinking the project was started in Chile yes? So it seems only fair to wait until Chile are up and about so you'll have to wait until later folks!


    More discussion on this final leg of the project here onwards [thanks Debs Wild, ApproximatelyInfinite, Lore, Zemy101 & LiquidSky]

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