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    New Coldplaying.com ownership

    I would like to introduce myself officially as the new owner of Coldplaying.com! A few days ago a message was posted outlining the goals and intentions for this great community by myself :


    I would love to say as a fellow poster on the forums, I am looking forward to the times ahead with Ghost Stories on the horizon and a new wave of Coldplay fans about to ascend on the forums. There are exciting times ahead for Coldplaying, I have my ambitions for Coldplaying which are built on top of the success Ian, Jen, Stephen and everyone involved have achieved over the past 14 years and I would love to see and will give it everything to make Coldplaying even bigger while keeping a close community feel, basically to make it the ultimate haven for ALL Coldplay fans.


    I will be trusting in everyone and the moderators to keep doing the great job they have always been doing and one of the first of many goals and gradual changes will be to expand the Facebook page and work on the Youtube channel. There is also a Coldplaying phone app on the way very soon, which will be available for Android and Iphone (should it pass Apple’s verification!) Keep your eyes open for the next update! Call it Magic? Call it true! See you soon!


    Thank you for all of your support so far and especially from our moderating team and Ian, Stephen & co!


    Now to introduce myself, my name is Marc, I am 24 years old from Birmingham, UK. and my username/forum name is Sparky, previously 42rock89 from 2008 up to now. Before that from 2005, I was Sparky17 on the official Coldplay forums when they existed! and with same username on Coldplaying up to 2008. At the time, I was a very frequent poster and with quite a few strong views at the time such as I wasn't the biggest fan of Radiohead! I had a lot of fun on those forum's with loads of ups and downs including a few mods who didn't take a liking to me and even posted pictures of my head on a giant robot (It wasn't the robot from the Talk video!) my memory is fuzzy in terms of names, I do remember one of the mods were called PhantomoftheOpera/Sean (Hi!) and there were many great friends I made too including a person called Scruff who had an avatar of a teddy bear! I then eventually made the full switch to Coldplaying and haven't looked back since. Has always been a great and close community and the hype of each album comes with the best memories and I am looking forward to the Ghost Stories release even more so if you are reading this and haven't joined our forums, it really is the best time to do so now!


    My journey as a Coldplay fan started mainly from 2005. I was always a fan of the band, always like every song but they started becoming a strong interest then obsession when the X&Y era started with firstly watching the Speed of Sound video every time it came on MTV then over and over. I then remember watching Glastonbury and other videos such as the Live Leak on MTV and from then I was hooked! So I decided to go into Woolworth's (as the British fans here will know of) and buy my first Coldplay album, X&Y. A few days later and playing X&Y on repeat constantly, I bought Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head which was mind blowing listening to all three as new albums! I only saw them live at the end of 2011 as during the previous X&Y and Viva tours, I did not have enough money to see them being a mixture of either a college student or unemployed! I saw them three times during the Mylo Xyloto tour and they were the best experiences ever including Charlie Brown with the glowing wristbands, the return of What If and the new mix of Daylight and at the Coventry gig at Ricoh Stadium, those who went will remember the dancing granny in the stands and the face of Robyn (the support act) when everyone was cheering for her which absolutely priceless. So, that is only part of the journey so far and I have no doubt there are even better times to come and I am looking forward to sharing them all with every other fan! Feel free to log in to the forums and post in the announcement thread or feel free to send me a message (Sparky) and do not forget to introduce yourself on the new members section!


    Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can get the direct link by clicking the icons at the top right hand side of our main website! Also subscribe to our Youtube channel (Coldplayingvideo - which will be in operation again soon) There will be more updates soon so keep your eyes peeled!


    Soon, "We're about explode"! The next expected Coldplay update is the Magic music video followed by a possible promo single/2nd single which is rumoured to be Another's arms or A Sky Full of Stars and an NBC special of the secret show performance where Coldplay played Ghost Stories in full is expected at the end of April/start of May so many exciting events to look forward to before the release of Ghost Stories on the 19th May.


    Magic - Ghost Stories


    Ghost Stories - Coldplay

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