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    New Gallery Interface At Coldplaying.com

    Coldplaying.com now has a new Gallery. Our forum software vBulletin has combined with the feature-packed PhotoPost to bring you the largest collection of Coldplay imagery anywhere on the WWW.


    Alter your bookmarks now:




    To have 'access all areas' to the new gallery please register your free account here

    User Features:


    *Users can upload photos to a category or to their own gallery

    *Users can create their own subcategories/subgalleries within their gallery

    *Users can upload multiple photos within a zip file

    *Users can upload more than one file at a time (can be disabled by admin)

    *Post comments about photos

    *Users can create personal albums

    *Search by keyword

    *Rate photos on a scale from 1 to 5

    *Edit or delete user's own comments

    *Edit the description of user's uploaded photos, or delete their photos

    *Move their photos from one category to another

    *Image manipulation: When using ImageMagick, users can rotate CCW, rotate *CW, Flip and Flop an image after it has been uploaded (by editing a photo).

    *Users can choose to be notified of new posts to their photos or photos to which they want to subscribe (email notification).

    *Send a photo as an e-Card (greetings card / post card, etc)

    *Choose how many thumbnail images to display per page

    *Sort thumbnail display pages by alphabetical, most popular, most active, by date, and by number of views

    *Uses time offset and 'posts per page' user preferences from vBulletin user DB (when in use)

    *Member Galleries section displays disk space used by each user so they can keep track of their disk usage

    *Private Personal Albums - Private Albums are assigned a unique URL which the person can share with friends and family for restricted access.

    *New Comments/Photos indicator - for users who are logged in, the arrow for comments and posts will glow when new items have been posted since last visit to the category.

    *View Recent Uploads - A link to show the posts in the past 1, 7 and 14 days.

    *View All Uploads - can be viewed and then sorted (for example to see the most popular uploads in all groups)

    *My Favorites - Users will have the ability to "tag" images for their own "My Favorites" feature. Viewing My Favorites shows the tagged images in a gallery format.

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