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    Numbers are growing fast! Arm yourself with (bulk) YELLOW glowsticks for Coldplay @ Wembley

    glowstickSmall.pngFurther to the Italian balloons and crowns we told you about ahead of the Coldplay concert in Udine on Monday, and the yellow Coldplaying t-shirts that will be donned by over 100 people inside Wembley stadium, we have news of a new choreographed event in collaboration with Coldplayzone and Coldplayitalia that will turn Wembley into something never seen before - a stadium full of yellow glowsticks.


    In the hope of distributing the glowstick bracelets in the queues before the venue we are asking you if you are attending either/both Wembley concerts to help out by purchasing a bulk supply of yellow glowsticks online and bring them with you. International Coldplayers may wish to order within the UK and delivery address to your hotel for collection. Online prices are cheap - only around £3-5/$12 for 100 bracelets. eBay is currently cheapest - check out the following purchase links:


    UK LINK 1 (free shipping), UK LINK 2 or UK LINK 3, US residents can purchase them at US LINK 1 or US LINK 2 (free shipping).


    Right from the beginning of the concert we hope to create a very special sea of luminous yellow, from the intro to Life In Technicolor right through to Death and All His Friends, including the Viva La Vida interludes! Please help if you can by purchasing glowsticks/bracelets, and spread the word amogst friends and family about this idea. If you have any questions, queries or comments to make on this new idea, please let us know at the Coldplay forum here or Coldplay Live forum here. Thankyou!



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