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    [ON SALE NOW] "How We See The World" Coldplaying Charity CD

    hwstw.pngIf you haven't already heard of it, How We See The World is a benefit album comprised entirely of music by members of Coldplaying.com. All proceeds from the sale of this album will go to the Oxfam Unwrapped program. For full details of purchasing and queries visit the messageboard [thanks TracieMorgan]


    Here's how to order your copy:


    1) The Coldplaying Charity Club shop (For Hard Copy)


    2) eMusic - eMusic works with subscription plans. There is a free trial and then a monthly fee for either $9.99 for a "Basic" plan, $14.99 for the "Plus" plan or $19.99 for the "Premium." Click here for additional information.


    3) Rhapsody - Rhapsody offers a streaming on-demand access to it's library of music. It works around 3 membership plans: a free account (limited to 25 streams per month), the Rhapsody Unlimited plan ($12.99 per month) and Rhapsody To Go ($14.99 per month). Visit here for more information.


    4) Sony Connect online music store


    (More online music stores to come!)


    How We See the World is a charity CD entirely written, performed and produced by the members of Coldplaying.com for the Coldplaying Charity Club. The album consists of 17 tracks from 13 different artists from around the world, ensuring the record with a varied, distinguished sound ranging from soft, acoustic rock to a bolder, bigger sound. The album consists of layered vocals, melodic guitars, rhythmic pianos and tasteful productions arranged over an indie-rock styled flair.


    Please visit the myspace at myspace.com/howweseetheworld for more info about the album and the artists. Alternatively, visit the 'How We See The World' WikiColdplay page for more information.

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