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    [Reminder] Coldplaying's 'Album Of The Decade' mega poll - choose your best of the noughties

    albumsofthedecade1.jpgIn one of several end-of-the-decade mega polls underway at Coldplaying, we're asking you to choose between 20 and 100 of your favourite albums of the noughties in Coldplaying's Album Of The Decade poll.


    It's been an action-packed ten years for the music industry and it's your opportunity to pinpoint your standout albums since 2000. For example, NME's top 50 albums of the decade list was topped by the Strokes album 'Is This It'. Meanwhile, Spinner honoured Amy Winehouse’s soulful 'Back To Black' as the top Album of the Decade. If you're a reader of the Observer Music Monthly you'll already know that their countdown was topped by The Streets - Original Pirate Material as the album that defined the noughties.


    Compiling any top list is a tricky process. But how do you filter through the myriad musical delights of the past ten years to pick the defining sounds of the decade? When you think you've done it, please submit your ranked choices at the World Of Music forum. Please make a note of the rules before posting your lists...

    Here are the current list of rules:


    1. You must nominate in between 20 and 100 albums;

    2. Your list must be ranked. UNRANKED LISTS WILL BE IGNORED;

    3. The album's original release date must be between January 1st 2000 and December 31 2009;

    4. Live Albums, EP's, Rereleases and Compilations are NOT ALLOWED;

    5. Movie Soundtracks are allowed, as long as the majority of the tracks were original at the time;

    6. Any questionable albums will be debated by a committee consisting of winigwl;

    7. You can vote for in rainbows;

    8. Nickelback albums are allowed, but looked down upon;

    9. Any questions should be asked and your lists accepted in this thread up until February 1st, 2010.



    [banner courtesy of the_gloaming09 and Space Cadet, organisation thanks to winigwl]


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