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    Signatures Hit 1500 Mark For Coldplaying's Toronto DVD Petition

    Coldplay fans have been petitioning in their droves for Coldplaying.com's petition to revive the Toronto DVD from the EMI grave.


    You have given your thoughts on how it has been revealed that the already planned and scheduled Coldplay live in Toronto Twisted Logic Tour DVD won't be released after all. 1,250 (and counting) signatures and comments have been registered.


    You can sign the petition anonymously. Every signature helps - add to the petition here.


    Maybe all you want is an explanation? Will a televised event do for you? Maybe you'd prefer a DVD from the Latin America tour in early 2007? Discuss your choices here

    This is such a let down to me. Me and my friend worked all summer to make enough money to get scalper tickets for this show. But she ended up not being able to go because a family member died. I promised her that I would get her this DVD to show her what she missed. You don't even know how much I wish I could've given this to her. [thanks Christian Fedele]


    I had the opportunity to go to the coldplay concert performed at Lyon (France) in november 2005. I was impatient to buy the "twisted logic tour" DVD recorded at Toronto to relive the wonderfull atmosphere of a Coldplay performance, and now I hear it won't be in stores. What the hell is this !!!! [anonymous]


    I saw Coldplay In concert last October. The concert was so amazing, and the song selection was wonderful. This tour was meant to be filmed. The video graphics behind them on the bigscreen were just unbelievable, not to mention the fact that you can see how well this band has evolved into a defining band for this generation since the last DVD release.......there is no reason this shouldn't be released. [anonymous]


    My son attended this concert and still talks about it. I was so looking forward to purchasing the DVD of the Toronto tour as a special Christmas gift and am deeply disappointed that this will not be made available. [thanks Wendy S.


    Yeah, really bad move guys. [thanks Tim]

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