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    Submit Your Coldplaying.com T-Shirt Designs

    Making Coldplaying.com / Coldplaying Charity Club shirts is an idea that has been talked about for eons, and now thanks to the members of Coldplaying.com, it is finally coming to fruition. You can get involved by submitting a design that could eventually be worn by Coldplay fans all around the world.


    Several design optimization suggestions that should be followed for best printing results are:


    - 2000 x 2000 pixels

    - 100 - 300 dpi (200 is suggested for quality and upload efficiency)

    - RGB color mode

    - Any white in your image will show as the color of the fabric

    - Accepted file types:

    PNG - Portable Network Graphics format is our recommendation for image uploads. It is a completely loss-less compression and gradients come out much smoother than JPG imges. (Max size 4MB)

    JPG - JPG's support over 16 million colors, but slightly "distort" the image to compress the file size. For photos, the human eye cannot tell the subtle changes in color, but along straight edges and in pictures with large solid colors, distortion becomes very apparent. (Max size 7MB)


    For more information on this project and how to submit your design in accordance with the requirements, click here [thanks lunar1126]. To add your views to the Coldplaying t-shirt discussion, click here [thanks mc_squared]

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