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    The complete Coldplaying gallery now online! 125,000+ Images

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    We are pleased to announce the completion of the Coldplaying.com gallery. We have over 125,000 Coldplay images, within 90 albums to get very nostalgic over! There are photos you may come across, which haven't been seen by Coldplayers for a long time. For those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you will see some golden oldies pop up from the collection. You can also share your favourite pics from the gallery by tweeting them to us @coldplaying or posting to our Facebook wall.


    The homepage slider (on desktop version) has also been updated with gallery photos


    Coldplay Viva La Vida


    All credit goes to the fans who have taken photos for the live concert galleries, over the last 15 years, to the amazing photographers who have worked with the band and especially to the former-owner, Ian (Busybeeburns), along with Tifosi. They migrated the images from the old Coldplaying sites to our current server and amassed this huge collection over 14 years! I can't thank them enough for all of this Coldplay history, in image format.


    You can read the full details of how the Coldplaying gallery was constructed and why the format is simplistic, here.

    Click here to view the Coldplaying Gallery index


    The Coldplaying app

    It's here!








    If you have the app already, please introduce yourself on the 'Say Hello!' section and remember to rate us on the Google Play/iTunes store :)

    Coldplay Live/Shows/Concerts/Setlists/Gigs 2015

    There are no Coldplay concerts scheduled so far. Coldplay will headline a 'Why Not People?' show, believed to be sometime this year.


    For 2015 live rumours & gossip, please check out our rumours section.

    Upcoming Coldplay Events

    No upcoming events within the next 30 days


    Check out our Coldplaying accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! (ENG)






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