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    The Mesmeric Ghost Stories Live 2014 is out now & vote for your highlight!

    The Mesmeric Ghost Stories Live 2014 is out now & Vote for your highlight!

    Ghost Stories Live 2014 is now available worldwide as of Monday 24th November and the majority of Coldplayers have now had a chance to re-live the Ghost Stories film, originally aired as a TV special back in May. The Mesmeric live album also includes previously unseen music videos such as Ghost Story, Ink (Live at The Royal Albert Hall) and the extended, directors cut of Coldplay's first single during the Ghost Stories era, Magic.


    The first lot of reactions to Ghost Stories Live 2014 came pouring in before the weekend when the live DVD/CD/Blu-Ray was released in a few countries including France and Australia on Friday 21st November. You can view the track listing here if you are yet to purchase the bundle.


    For the three new pieces of footage on the extras section of the Blu-ray/DVD disc, each one was equally impressive. The extended music video for Magic was very charming and the piano intro provided a lovely introduction after the initial cameo with Peter Fonda. Ghost Story was how we expected it to be upon watching the Halloween preview and gave us a solid over four minutes of the band's chemistry, along with the neat editing of the clip. Ink, live at The Royal Albert Hall will give pure nostalgia to those who were present at the historic gig back in July and an all round great live highlights compilation of the whole show, not just the visuals when Coldplay performed Ink. Forum members have confirmed that parts of the footage from the Ink video were from the 2nd July (through ARoBttH14 spotting himself too!). The ratio of footage involving both London shows is unknown.


    As you may of noticed already, the film loops back to the beginning after ending. This is intentional and is related to the symbol of O, the ninth track from the Ghost Stories. Coldplayer, Safy quotes a previous blog entry from director, Paul Dugdale


    The film starts and ends with the same frame, and for the DVD / Blu Ray version of the piece we have looped the film with a seamless join, so that it plays in a continuous loop, cycling forever. The perfect-circle.


    You can watch the making of Ghost Stories, the film below. It was originally posted a few months ago and even if you've seen it before, it's worth another re-watch!



    Let us know your opinion!


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    Article image source : Coldplay's Official Twitter page


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