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    A Sky Full of Stars is the next single! Rumoured 5th May release.

    Since the announcement of Ghost Stories, A Sky Full of Stars has been heavily rumoured to be a single, originally as the third single after they release Another's Arms which was listed by Amazon on their pre-order list for Ghost Stories shortly after the announcement. Another's Arms was shown to have a release date of April 28th while A Sky Full of Stars was listed to be released on 12th May, a week before the album release. These dates were quickly taken down by Amazon.



    Amazon pre-order

    (Thanks to Tash for the image)


    On Friday March 21st, Coldplay performed a secret show in LA in which they . After the show, Coldplayers anxiously waited for the lo-down on the new tracks. Below were one of many reviews of A Sky Full of Stars which was being described as the 'mega hit of the album' in the same way as Viva La Vida was of the same titled album.


    My other favorite was Sky Full of Stars which was the biggest song. It was everything Paradise tried to be but couldn't. It has a great piano hook, then builds, and resolves into a huge hook where everyone in the audience goes nuts. Almost no one had ever heard that song and yet it instantly connected. Were the lyrics a smidge cheesy, yes, but that's Chris.

    (Thank you Trojanchick99 from u2interference.com)


    The instant connection it had with fans and critics and being predicted as a 'Coldplay classic' made it a definite front runner for the next single.


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    This was confirmed when an image of the Ghost Stories album cover appeared on Target, listing Magic, A Sky Full of Stars and the exclusive 3 bonus tracks.




    According to a few reputable sources, A Sky Full of Stars will be released on Monday 5th May. The first single, Magic was released on 3rd March.


    Magic - Ghost Stories

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