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    A Sky Full of Stars physical single & the Ghost Stories animation

    A Sky Full of Stars physical single release

    Coldplay's 2nd single from Ghost Stories, A Sky Full of Stars is set to be released as a physical single later on this month. It was already confirmed to have a June 30th release date in the UK but that was as much information as we could get. This morning, Warner music (who own Coldplay's record label) have now confirmed, A Sky Full of Stars will be available in Germany supposedly from 20th June. The tracklisting can be seen below. No US release date is available as of yet.

    A Sky Full Of Stars 04:28


    Coldplay Midnight (Phones 4AM Remix) 10:56


    Coldplay Midnight (Henrik Schwarz Remix) 08:42


    Coldplay Midnight (Jon Hopkins Remix) 10:06


    34:12 Total


    Slow burner or low key?

    Onto a major talking point of Coldplay's 2nd single, A Sky Full of stars. The energetic eighth track from Ghost Stories was majorly hyped before the digital version was released on iTunes. When the track came out to an initial mixed reaction, mainly favorable, it was an agreed opinion that the song would become a worldwide smash, which certainly appeared that way by smashing the iTunes charts of over 70 countries upon release. But after the initial hype and during the release of Coldplay's new album, the attention (in both charts and radio airplay) has died down.


    The recent boost it received when Coldplay performed on the final of The Voice USA was short lived, rising up to number 8 before slowly sliding down to its current #32 position on the US iTunes chart. In the UK, the band rocking the Big Weekend in Glasgow gave the album itself a boost with little to no effect on A Sky Full of Stars in the charts but the performance on The Graham Norton show has boosted the band back up to #12 on the iTunes charts. Airplay has been lacking still with the single only on BBC Radio 1's B-list for the third week running as of tomorrow, a sign that could go either way, a long run on the A list or an impending drop out!


    There are a few things to consider however. One of them is the possible official music video which is surely on its way soon. With the summer almost in full bloom (well, in some places!) and a possible promo campaign with a music video for the 2nd single, A Sky Full of Stars could revert back its original destiny of a summer global chart topper! Time will tell and time is certainly what it will be afforded with the feel good song being the biggest potential hit off the album. For the 3rd single, an end of year release seems the likely option as the record label will be trying to avoid a repeat of 'Lost!', which was overshadowed by its predecessor, Viva La Vida in 2008.

    Chart update for Sunday 1st June

    UK Charts :

    A Sky Full of Stars up 1 place to #14 in the singles chart.

    Ghost Stories down 1 place to #2 in the albums chart, 75,000 sales (considerably higher than MX's 2nd week according to Buzzjack music forum)


    US Charts

    A Sky Full of Stars down 18 places to #28 on the US hot 100 singles

    No album information yet for 2nd week sales.

    Ghost Stories animation - compilation & behind the scenes

    If you have not seen this on our multimedia forums already, Trunk animations, the company who provided the artwork video for Coldplay's streaming of Ghost Stories on iTunes, have released a behind the scenes video for the making of it with the full animation released too in just one song, Always in My Head. Enjoy! (thanks to RevolutionDude on the forums)



    Clip of Chris Martin's performance with Peter Gabriel

    As reported a few months ago, Chris Martin inducted Genesis lead singer, Peter Gabriel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The complete show was aired on HBO in America last night. The full video is unavailable but you can watch a high quality preview clip of Chris Martin's incredible singing below :


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