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    Coldplay recording next 'project' with a new tour to follow

    Coldplay recording next 'project' with a new tour to follow

    Chris Martin, after his wonderful solo performance at The Box in New York last night, brought the morning sunshine to the Elvis Duran show earlier today with a light hearted interview in which Chris tells us how his solo show makes him realise how much he loves the band. The Elvis Duran interview was capped off with a performance of A Sky Full of Stars and Viva La Vida. A visit to Fresh 102.7 NY was also on the cards, including a meet up with his fans who had won the radio station's competition to meet and greet Coldplay's frontman. The one on one interview gave us a snippet of information on Coldplay's next album (LP7) and tour!

    Chris Martin on the Elvis Duran show

    Elvis Duran, who presented Coldplay's album release party a few months ago, was re-united with Chris and the two, along with the presenting team in the studio had a great conversation with the Coldplay frontman and talked about his solo show, the first experiences in Coldplay, musical influences and getting older in life. Chris Martin - Playing soloChris, dressed casually, rocking a pair of blue headphones from the studio, talked about the band's first experience in America when they were younger. The band would open up for bands such as Limp Bizkit and would have items thrown at them on the stage such keys and CD's! Chris, being his hilarious self, quoted "either someone really hated our music or were just giving us their car"! Continuing the light hearted chat, Chris reflected on the time he was a cleaner and a strawberry picker (Reminds us of certain song!!) and when asked what happened to the Strawberries he picked, Chris replied "they were taken by a higher employee" adding it was hush hush and wasn't sure if it was legal! The writing of songs was discussed and Chris explained about the title for A Sky Full of Stars and how he tried to write it until one day 'it said, i'm ready' and he just had to write it! On the subject of getting older, as Elvis pointed out his landmark 50th Birthday, Chris said in his view, the more you get older, the more every day is a blessing. He goes on to mention Leonard Cohen's (who's lyrics inspired Up With The Birds) poem, "the crack is where the light comes in", meaning you sometimes have to go through pain to see beauty in things.On releasing songs, when suggested that personal songs could be held back because of their nature, Chris disagreed with "the more personal, the more likely it is to be released" and he added "If I feel like, that maybe someone will [like the song] and that's ok". Elvis wandered whether the fast paced and furious nature of the music industry affected Chris, to which the British frontman responded, "It did a while ago the first time the tabloid stuff hits you. The business angle, not so much" followed by "today, I got to play a song in its most simplest form but its all just noise [the tabloids] and chatter".As the interview drew to a close, the colourful and vibrant Chris Martin explained about writing songs for Rihanna and how he has written a few songs for her lately and her up front opinion on saying yes, maybe or no to Chris' lyrics. Asked why he chose to perform on his own, Chris hilariously replied, "I had to do the show on my own as couldn’t find the rest of the band.... they had car keys thrown at them and they all drove off!" sending the studio into stitches before revealing the status of Guy, Jonny and Will, "they are all in Europe" and that not being with them reminds him of how much he loves them and then goes on about growing up together, awwww!!Part of the interview was filmed. You can watch it below.The full audio interview which includes the full performance of A Sky Full of Stars and Viva La Vida can be downloaded via our multimedia section.Click here for all of the links (thanks jeremyy and Batman)

    Chris Martin interview at Fresh 102.7 NY

    Chris met with DJ Dave at Fresh 102.7 FM in New York today as part of a planned appearance with the radio station. Chris enjoyed a one to one interview with the DJ/presenter, meet and greeted ecstatic fans and performed Viva La Vida live! Chris reveals Coldplay's plans for their next studio effort and that Rihanna may feature in a Coldplay song, again! Thanks to Fresh 102.7FM for the transcript. “We knew we wanted to make this thing called Ghost Stories and then make something else,” Chris said. “We have just an idea and then we’re gonna go on tour after that.”As a popular songwriter, Chris has joined many well-known artists in the recording studio, including Rihanna. Coldplay and Rihanna collaborated on the song “Princess of China,” but Chris hopes to collaborate with her again on songs for both of their albums in the future.“I love being in the studio with Rihanna,” Chris said. “She has so many amazing people writing for her it’s like trying to win American Idol. Getting a song on Rihanna’s album… it’s hard. Everybody wants to write songs for her.”Chris also mentioned when discussing Rihanna that he has written a really nice song that he hopes Rihanna will feature on and "we will" was the response when asked if they will have a featuring artist on the next Coldplay recording.You can view the gallery of photo's below tweeted by Fresh 102.7 NY and more pics from the Elvis Duran show![soliloquy id=40293]Our favourite frontman has really been on the move today, with interviews appearing all over the web. Here is another picture courtesy of Coldplayatlas of Chris Martin appearing on KTU 103.5 FM

    Cindy Vero, Chris & Paul Cubby Bryant of @1035KTU pic.twitter.com/QYxd92pWIQ

    — Atlas Project (@ColdplayAtlas) August 7, 2014

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