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    Coldplay's acrobat inspired video for 'True Love' on the way!

    Coldplay's acrobat inspired video for True Love on the way!


    Chris Martin let out a few secrets for the band's upcoming True Love music video last evening, during an interview for Fuse.TV. The official video for Coldplay's 3rd single will be ready either today or tomorrow. This should mean the upload we are all waiting for is imminent as Chris revealed the acrobat theme within the video.


    Chris revealed the inspiration for part of the upcoming music video was from two Russian acrobats. While talking to Fuse.TV, Chris mentioned "I saw in the circus one time, these two Russian acrobats doing this thing and we called them up and said can you please teach us how to do that?! Its a bit silly!"


    On the subject of Coldplay's 3rd single, True Love and following their gut feeling, Chris explained, "Sometimes we'll pick a single knowing that it doesn't really fit into how singles should sound or do sound. Our whole philosophy, especially recently, has been to follow our gut feeling. If we feel like this record needs to be a bit smaller and shouldn't tour it, then we follow it, and we worry about the consequences afterwards. I think choosing 'True Love' as a single is probably the same kind of thing. Somehow for me it completes the trio of things that we want to represent the album".


    Our charming frontman also chats about the band's writing process for songs and how he doesn't feel the need to praise or defend Ghost Stories, just to accept it as something they had to do! Watch the short interview below, with thanks to Fuse.TV



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