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    Coldplay's festive delight at fantastic Munich show

    Coldplay's festive delight at fantastic Munich showThe festive cheer returned to Coldplay's live efforts as the band's concert in Munich saw the return of Christmas Lights within a concise and delightful set at Germany's BMW Welt.Thousands of Coldplayers gathered outside of the exhibition center prior to the show on a bitterly cold evening, awaiting the 'one-off' Ghost Stories show that lied ahead. The pre-show chat certainly had a few twists, with Up With The Birds very surprisingly performed during the band's soundcheck (joins the club with Twisted Logic, Prospekts March and Crests Of Waves to name a few), the original setlist scraped by the roadies and oddly, strange behavior on the stage from the roadie reported by a few fans on Twitter, suggesting there may be a delay until showtime but the concert start on time as the audience's heroes, Coldplay appeared to hundreds of screaming Coldplayers and kicked off the concert with the beautiful Always In My Head. The party started with Charlie Brown, as the usual classics and fan favourites blasted out from the venue's speakers. The largely German and were in full voice during The Scientist, relishing the sing-a-long in such an intimate venue. True Love was a highlight of the evening, with truly heartfelt vocals and a very atmospheric surrounding.
    crowd went wild as the 'whhoooooaaahhhhs' belted out across the thousands of enthused Coldplay fans, with the calm and serene Midnight along with Chris' and Guy's mesmerizing Laser Harp's radiating the stage.Coldplay - Midnight - GermanyPhoto by StephieThe huge dance party that was Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall concluded the main part of the set. Fix You started the encore, replacing the usual slot of Oceans, with the hint that a different song was on the way. The triumphant ending of Fix You transcended into A Sky Full Of Stars, which sent every Coldplayer bonkers, while confetti rained down over the fans in Germany.

    Lights will guiidddeee you home! Now playing : Fix You #BmwWelt #ColdplayMunich Stunning photo from Cheeetaz on forum pic.twitter.com/HC6NKqSqEM

    — Coldplay News (@coldplaying) December 6, 2014
    The memorable night ended with the 16th live song of the set, the return of Christmas Lights (No Miracles just yet!) to ensure everyone left in high Christmas spirits.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQpI5MKJFcs#t=10Chris Martin was in an inspired mood, making jokes and endless interaction with the audience.Chris Martin - MunichPhoto by SkyFullOfLoveThe complete setlist of the concert :
    Thank you to everyone who has shared photos/vids and info so far on the Coldplaying forums. Please leave your review if you went to the show! Audio of the concert is expected to be posted on the forums in the next few days.Heading photo by SkyFullOfLove

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