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    A Head Full of Coldplay news - BBC, GRAMMYs & more!

    A Head Full of Coldplay news - BBC, GRAMMYs & more!Coldplay news is flying in thick and fast! We will give you a breakdown of what's happened so far, all in one article and the time's you need to know for the few days ahead.

    Coldplay announce next album title!

    If you missed the big announcement that A Head Full Of Dreams will be Coldplay's next album title, you can read more here.

    GRAMMY nominations

    Coldplay have now been nominated for 3 GRAMMY awards! Firstly, for the Best Pop Vocal AlbumColdplay - GRAMMYS - Best pop vocal albumTheir 2nd and 3rd nominations were for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with A Sky Full Of Stars and the Best Music Film for Ghost Stories Live 2014Discussion thread on the messageboards

    Coldplay on The Voice in Germany

    The band arrived in Germany yesterday, ahead of their one off concert in Munich.The guys including a now beardless Jonny Buckland performed A Sky Full Of Stars and talked about their decision to perform in Berlin while recording their next album, A Head Full Of Dreams, which Chris was silent on this time around, with the apparent spoiler disapproval from Will!Vine clip thanks to @Coldplayatlas, video highlights from Andy Introduces Coldplay on Facebook and HD Video download link by KaeEMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYHZglJG9JMDownload link for the HD Video

    Exeter Auction - Coldplay tickets

    A Charity auction at Exeter Northcott Theatre, which is scheduled for 14th December has 'tickets to next Coldplay gig of your choice' as one of the items up for bidding on. Considering there are no planned concerts from when the auction ends, this could mean extra shows or even a tour sooner than we think!Messageboard discussionColdplay - Exeter Auction

    Coldplay Q&A and Live TV interview on the BBC!

    BBC Radio 2 have advertised a Q&A (where you can submit questions to the band!) which will be posted on the BBC Radio 2 website at 5.30pm UK time, on Monday 8th, a few hours before Coldplay's concert at the BBC Theatre. Tweet your question using the #R2Coldplay. We will re-tweet the most imaginative and interesting questions!

    Have you got a burning question for @coldplay? Tweet it using #R2Coldplay, and watch Ask Coldplay, Mon 8 Dec, 5:30pm pic.twitter.com/RVnAjO0m9G

    — BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) December 5, 2014
    DiscussionThe band will also appear live on BBC 1 at 7pm UK time for 'The One Show'.Discussion and streaming links

    A Message from Chris, on Japanese TV

    Coldplay's frontman recently appeared on Japanese TV and confirmed the band will return to their country soon! Chris shows off his Japanese and blows us a kiss within the clips below. (thanks Jeremyy)

    A video posted by Sango (@sango5d) on Dec 12, 2014 at 10:31pm PST

    A video posted by Sango (@sango5d) on Dec 12, 2014 at 10:23pm PST

    Ghost Stories Art Exhibition update

    The exhibition of Mila Fürstová's artwork, organised by Fraser Scott, the founder of Album Artists has just sold the original artwork for Magic! The glamorous display in Shoreditch, London, which is still open to the public until Sunday hosted a successful opening celebration on Wednesday including a brilliant speech from Mila and Chris Martin. An article is on the way soon, also detailing Chris' amusing speech in front of the gathering audience!

    We just sold the original @coldplay @MilaFurstova @KidsCompanyUK http://t.co/cYaSKWiiv6 pic.twitter.com/hZLxh1atYJ

    — Album Artists (@AlbumArtists) December 6, 2014

    Coldplay concert in Munich 7PM CT

    A reminder of Coldplay's one-off Ghost Stories later on today. There are no streaming links available we believe but there are a host of Coldplayers attending, posting updates on the forums.There may be a few surprises in store for us, with All Your Friends, Ghost Story or Miracles being contenders to receive their live debuts.

    Noel Gallagher on how Coldplay would respond to U2's latest release

    Noel Gallagher, who has a new album on the way with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds commented to the BBC on U2's free giveaway to iTunes users (who were paid by Apple in return) and shares his humour on how Coldplay would respond to this!

    It remains to be seen how Coldplay would react to it! I firmly believe that we'll all get a knock on the door at some point over the next two years and Chris will be stood there and be like, yeah, here's a Coldplay album. You'll just go, oh thanks and there's a ladder and you'll say yeah, the bass player, he's just fixing the guttering, Jonny's round the back doing the gardening and I think Will's gonna put the recycling out! So...enjoy! And he'll come back and say I forgot, here's a tenner!

    Heading image with thanks to BBC MusicFor dates further than the next few days such as the BBC Music Awards, check out our Coldplay event guide for December!

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