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    'Ink' could be the surprise fourth single from 'Ghost Stories'

    Coldplay - Ink - Surprise single?

    Coldplay's third track from Ghost Stories, Ink could be the next single as it was revealed earlier today that the uplifting track has been released to US Alternative radio stations.

    (Thanks Coldplayzone.it)


    This move could signal a surprise U-turn from back in August when Ghost Stories artist, Mila Fürstová, released her fantastic artwork for the third single, True Love, mentioning it's the final single from Coldplay's new album. Mila did however, recently talk to Coldplaymag on Tumblr, to point out the release schedule is not set in stone.


    I have been working on the three singles at a similar time, this one was the last one I finished from the three. There may or may not be more singles, I just don’t know


    Coldplay news has been far and few between recently with Coldplay back in their London studios but with the busiest quarter in music almost in full swing, there may be one last promo push for 'Ghost Stories' before the focus moves on to Coldplay's next effort. The under performance of the single, True Love (Akin to Lost! after Viva La Vida in 2008) may have a great influence in Ink swiftly proceeding it as the next single and we had possible clue when Ink was preferred at the iHeartRadio Music festival last month. We expect more clues or even a confirmation on the way if the fourth single proves to be true.


    From upon the first listen of True Love and Ink, the songs we did not much about until the official streaming of Ghost Stories, the popularity of both songs were almost equal, with 'Ink' winning by a whisker on the majority of polls. Now, the two tracks will go head to head, which one will win? You decide!


    Click here to go to the forum poll


    Here's the article I wrote about Ink a few months ago as part of the Ghost Stories article series, titled : Ink – Catchy, fun and upbeat!


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