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    Intimate Chris Martin show at The Box, New York

    Intimate Chris Martin show at The Box, New York.

    Chris Martin completed an absolutely wonderful solo show for just hundreds of lucky fans at The Box theatre in New York on Wednesday 6th August. The one off Chris Martin gig had been planned for weeks and the venue, time and further details had been kept under wraps until the last moment. The concert was filled with Chris' family and friends and with fans who were lucky enough to get tickets through the New York radio stations promoting the event. One of the highlights of the night for many fans was the return of Sparks! You can watch Sparks live below and Chris' opening banter with the crowd.
    An alternative Sparks video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWoxku2RmbI#t=40The setlist (see below) was 10 tracks long with O performed during the encore. The intimacy of watching Chris Martin perform Ghost Story's and old favourites in such a small space provided much joy.

    Setlist for Chris Martin's solo show pic.twitter.com/YL1sGFl2Ug

    — Coldplay News (@coldplaying) August 7, 2014
    Viva La Vida was another song filmed for the duration.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek9VP5mvduQ#t=35Here is an instagram video by Ryan A Jones, filming a short Chris Martin cover of Iggy Azalea's Fancy, transitioning perfectly into Lost. Only Chris could make that work! We are all hoping more clips from the show appear in the coming days. With a view so close to Chris Martin though, many would prefer to soak up the moment with the eyes of their own rather than the camera lens. A vine gave us a preview of A Sky Full of Stars and the true (small) size of the theatre at The Box!

    ASFOS https://t.co/BBBYgXwmac

    — Atlas Project (@ColdplayAtlas) August 7, 2014
    Coldplayer, Suhit voiced their delight on the forum :

    whoa! viva was incredible! I just loved those chords he used on the guitar for viva! It seemed to be a non-standard tuning on the guitar, and thats what brought out some beautiful suspended chords. Just goes to show how talented Chris really is!

    Chris Martin at the iHeartRadio Theatre, NYC

    Chris also dropped by the iHeart theatre in New York during lunchtime today, performing songs including Viva La Vida. An instagram clip from the short show (to which we have limited details for at this moment) has appeared online, thanks to colleenmshea!If you were fortunate enough to see Chris Martin perform in person, please post a comment below, Tweet us or post on the forum thread, we would love to hear your experiences!

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