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    The Next Chapter Of The Ghost Stories Era

    The next chapter of the Ghost Stories eraColdplay's official newsletter, The Coldplay Messenger has thrown us a hint that another chapter is yet to come during the band's current campaign for Ghost Stories. This comes during the news of the forthcoming Ghost Stories Live 2014 DVD and after a quiet period of late as Coldplay recently returned to their London Studio, 'The Bakery' to record their seventh album. One of our forum members, Cheeetaz picked up on something we have all appeared to miss during the Ghost Stories Live 2014 excitement which was that the volume number on The Coldplay Messenger has now changed to 'Vol.8', 'No.1'. The first installment of volume number 7 was the arrival of the Midnight video back in February which was of course, Coldplay's comeback signal before their sixth LP. As Cheeetaz added, it would make no sense for the number to change if the Ghost Stories era was to end. With an upcoming appearance in France this December (see below), we could see a busy Christmas schedule for Coldplay!Coldplay Messenger Volume 8You can have a browse through Coldplay's newsletter by searching for 'Coldplay messenger' on your email inbox. Flicking through The Messenger archives (if you keep your emails!) brings back much nostalgia! In the unlikely case you have not received them, you can join the mailing list for further updates of volume 8 on the frontpage of Coldplay.com

    New live performance date!

    Plenty of life is left in Coldplay's Ghost Story as a new event is scheduled for December 13th, where the band will visit the fabulous (and film festival inspired) destination of Cannes, France. The guys will play at the NRJ Music Awards 2014, exactly where they performed 2 years ago, where a colourful projection of Chris Martin lit up the stage in spectacular fashion as the band performed Paradise

    People's Choice Awards 2015

    You can now vote for Coldplay by submitting your choice on the 'Favourite Group' or 'Favourite Album' section of the Peoples Choice Awards website. You can even vote for Coldplay in the 'Best Song' category by manually typing in your song choice! Thanks to @Coldplayatlas for the info.

    VOTE for Coldplay to win @peopleschoice awards for "Favourite Group" and for Ghost Stories to win "Favourite Album" http://t.co/VYDypfyZfo

    — Atlas Project (@ColdplayAtlas) October 21, 2014

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