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    Next Coldplay Tour In "As Many Places As Possible"

    Next Coldplay Tour In "As Many Places As Possible"

    Chris Martin returned to the Dan and Maz show down under earlier today as he revealed more of his thoughts about the next Coldplay tour and his friendship with Coldplay's fifth member, Phil Harvey to the Australian DJ's during a delicious and brief interview.


    Chris' friendship with the Aussie pair has grow even stronger since his light hearted interview with them at the end of September. The modest and cheerful Chris started the chat off with, "I'm very grateful to be speaking to you".


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    The Next Coldplay Tour


    The news you really want to hear and I know many Brazilian, Mexican and Indonesian Coldplayers, just to name a few nationalities, are restlessly awaiting the sound of Coldplay's footsteps. The expected world tour has been on Chris' mind lately as in his own words...


    "I just wrote a list about 2 days ago of places we'd like to go"


    Chris said the band had not really toured during the Ghost Stories and then the frontman, sounding very keen, stated :


    "Next time, we'll probably try to go as many places as possible"


    Maz curiously responded, "What's on the list, where are you going next?"


    "All the places you might imagine"


    It looks like Coldplay's next tour may just be their most ambitious yet folks!


    Coldplay rule the world


    Chris on his best friend, Phil


    Chris talked to Dan and Maz about his special friendship with the 'creative head of the group', Phil Harvey, who actually studied at Melborne Univeristy and lived there for 3 years.


    The humble frontman reminisced over how they first met, which was during school, when they were both 13....


    "Phil had a book about U2, called 'The Unforgettable Fire' and I said 'Please can I read that' and he said 'Yeah, you can'"


    And there we have it, the simple forming of an everlasting friendship, one which formed the backbone of Coldplay as we know them!


    It's very assuming listening to Chris during this and his impression of his 13 year old self. He also joked that his voice broke 10 years later!!


    Chris Martin and Phil Harvey


    Behind the Scenes - Ghost Stories live 2014


    The DJ's revealed there will be 'behind the scenes stuff' for the upcoming Ghost Stories live 2014 DVD/CD/Blu-Ray set also stating Phil is choosing the behind the scenes clips. Dan asked Chris whether he was nervous about some of the potential content to which the singer replied :


    "Its funny you say that because, I think one of the only dangers of the fact that the five of us are so close and have been for so long is that we sometimes forget who doesn't know certain stuff about us, because all of us know everything! and so, I haven't even seen the hidden content, thank goodness only knows what's in there but sometimes Phil will forget that people don't know that I wear a wig. If that's on there, i'm screwed"


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    Michael Jackson's Colon


    Not quite the heading you were expecting to read but with the humour of Chris, Dan and Maz, this is where the conversation headed!


    Chris started it by mentioning he hasn't eaten today as the subject turned to fasting diets, Chris joked about Michael Jackson fasting and then was handed a quote by his friend!


    MJ : "I fast every Sunday, I don't eat anything, just juices. It flushes out the system, cleans out the colon. People should try and keep themselves clean"


    CM : Michael Jackson said that, that's an actual quote"


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