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    Interview with Davide Rossi on A Head Full of Dreams and the Superbowl

    We previously had an opportunity to chat with him back in February of 2015. However, we also finally had a chance again to chat with Davide Rossi before Christmas as we also are gearing up him collaborating with the band for the latest album, A Head Full Of Dreams, and Superbowl & lots of stuff to catch up on! Curious to know the details? Read inside the scoop right here, right now! (Yep!)


    We believe that you are going to release a CD of songs with which you had appeared/played on. Could you tell us when will the CD be released?


    If you are talking about my own music being released, there are several things on the go. It’s new material with my band Black Submarine (www.blacksubmarine.co.uk), my very own album and other collaborations, but it’s still early days to talk about them in depth, as I’ve been too busy and still am with my work as orchestrator and arranger for Coldplay and many other artists. Just to give you an idea, in 2015 I worked on nearly 50 albums.


    You have had a collaborative relationship with the band for 4 albums now. What would you say the most unique contribution from each band member when you are collaborating?


    [caption id=attachment_51468" align="alignleft" width="300]Coldplay Superbowl Credit: Pepsi[/caption]


    Well... it’s very subjective and personal obviously, but if I could pinpoint the main qualities of the boys I should say that Chris for example is so exuberant, enthusiastic, passionate, hard working and so inspiring to work with. Jonny’s guitar playing is very

    unique, distinctive and I feel it’s more and more the strongets trademark of the Coldplay sound. Will is a truly talented multi instrumentalist, also he’s such a solid guy, the kind of guy you can trust in any situation, which makes a great drummer in my opinion. Guy is a fantastic producer and he demonstrated that a few times also outside the band.


    Did you record your voice parts with the band in the latest album of A Head Full Of Dreams?


    My voice as in singing? Hahaha, no I didn’t I believe, unless they secretly recorded me talking while in session.


    How did you decide to play the parts on Birds and Amazing Day? Did the band invite you along to include the violin parts?


    When I work on a Coldplay album I usually start to work on demos quite early in the process. I worked on 5 songs on this album, but only in two my arrangements remained. With Coldplay it’s always such a in depth collaboration because they try so many avenues before deciding finally which direction to go with. I just happen to be their string/orchestra guy of choice and I’m obviously always very happy to work with them, as it feels like being back in the family somehow. Anyway... it’s not really a decision on my part on which songs I play but rather an invitation. Although recently, Chris asks me more and more my opinion and even tells me to freely play on stuff where I feel I could contribute best. I’ve been working with them for the past 10 years now, so I guess we know each other better and better and things go rather smoothly I should say.


    There are lots of beautiful counter melodies in Amazing Day and Birds. When did you first hear the tracks and were they fully completed or different to the final version?


    I first heard Amazing day at the beginning of 2015 and worked on at least 4 different versions of the song, as mentioned before we go through quite a few trials before finishing. Birds was a last minute intervention and it was kind of a quick fix.


    Speaking of Superbowl, what kind of preparation with the biggest band in the world? We bet you must be super excited!


    [caption id=attachment_51464" align="alignleft" width="158]50th Superbowl Coldplay Credit: Pepsi[/caption]


    Yes, indeed… I’m not allowed to spoil the surprise yet, but I’m preparing something with the band for their Super Bowl show in February. I’m not going to be performing myself personally, but it will be a rather fantastic event I believe. Really thrilled to be working on this and I believe that sooner rather than later, the band will give out some spoilers so that I can tell more about it in my various social medias.


    Have you seen American football before and do you have any comments about it?


    Yes I did… I don’t really get the actual game to be honest… I’m more of a European Football kind of guy, but regarding the actual Super Bowl game, my comment is that there’s no bigger TV show in America as far as I know, so it is quite a big deal and an honour to be asked to perform there.


    We're talking about some non-Coldplay stuff now. Do you think the Verve will get back together at one point?


    Hahaha… well… I’ve been asking myself that question quite a bit in the last few years… I don’t see it happening to be honest with you, but you shouldn’t ask me, rather Richard Ashcroft I guess. Me, Nick McCabe and Si Jones are still working together, so we keep kind of part of the Verve spirit alive I suppose? Although what we do is so much different. It certainly seems a lifetime since the last few amazing concerts I did with the Verve at Glastonbury and other Festivals back in 2008. It was for sure something unique and unforgettable.


    Talking about A Head Full Of Dreams, name your top 3 favorite songs.


    Amazing Day, Birds and Hymn for the weekend.


    [caption id=attachment_51509" align="alignnone" width="1000]AHFOD1000 Credit: Coldplay Official[/caption]


    We know how the band write many songs more than being released. Could you tell us how many songs you might have contributed to in A Head Full Of Dreams that did not end up being released? Also you mentioned that you worked on 5 songs this time around. Can you name the other 3 songs?


    On this album I can’t remember working on extra material, also because nowadays I’m not in the studio constantly as I used to with Viva La Vida or Mylo Xyloto. In AHFOD the other song that I know I worked on and which didn’t make it was Hymn for the weekend. The other two they didn’t make it to the album.


    So, what's next? Birds is a very catchy song by the way!

    Yes it is, right?

    Well… for what’s next, for me it’s a continuous working on many many albums. As said earlier, nearly 50 by the end of this year… just released a live show I performed with Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities, where I conducted the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. Other stuff released this year was Paper Gods with Duran Duran, All I Need with Foxes, All We Need with Raury, The Inevitable End with Röyksopp and others I can’t recollect...


    Meanwhile, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


    Likewise to you and all the amazing Coldplay fans around the world and thank you for taking interest in my music too!


    Davide has mentioned about 'new materials to be released' back in July - and guess what, he made it happen!


    Here's a video of Chris and Davide performing 'Viva La Vida' in London a few years ago. We're pretty sure this song brings you a Coldplay nostalgia right now!


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