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    Miracles Live - Chris performs at LA promotional for 'Unbroken'

    Miracles Live - Chris performs at LA promotional for 'Unbroken'

    Chris Martin attended the Los Angeles promotional party on Sunday morning, for the new film, Unbroken, which features Coldplay's new song, Miracles during the end of film credits (available to download now!).


    The frontman of Coldplay appeared on stage, to introduce Miracles in front of the celebrity gathering of acquaintances and the film stars of Angelina Jolie's directed film. Chris' great sense of humour was very much intact as he brought an array of jokes, including :


    As it happens, I play here every Sunday


    I left a tip jar at the front and about $5 is average, per song, so that would be great, so we can work on the next Unbroken...


    He then joked about Miracles featuring at the end of the film, when everyone is leaving the theatre.


    If you're stuck in your seat, or looking for your wallet, you're gonna hear it


    Chris Martin then performed a short set of three songs :


    1) Miracles (Live Debut)

    2) Viva La Vida

    3) White Christmas (with Unbroken star, Garrett Hedlund)



    The Daily Mail have a fantastic HD gallery on their website of the Unbroken promotional which is worth checking out!


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