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    Miracles out now as it proves to be a huge hit with Coldplay fans!

    Miracles out now as it proves to be a huge hit with Coldplay fans!What's that Chris? 10's all-round?! The Unbroken film soundtrack, containing Coldplay's new song, Miracles is now available to download worldwide for the first time and has proven to be a huge hit among Coldplay fans so far! The film including the band's new track, debuts in cinemas from Christmas Day and features Miracles during the ending credits.When asking what you thought of Miracles, over half of you gave the song perfect 10's on Coldplaying.com, while it was rated the perfect 10/10 by 40% of Coldplaying.com/forum users , the 9's and 8's also make up the majority of the vote. The popularity of the new Coldplay song is similar to Atlas, from the Hunger Games : Catching Fire soundtrack, over a year ago, with 46% on the forums giving out perfect votes to date.

    The Voice of a Coldplayer

    MosesTheMarshmallow shares their summary/opinion on the messageboards, mainly giving praise for Miracles, it's a highlight of the Miracles thread and worth a read!

    I absolutely love Miracles. My thoughts:1. Jonny makes this song with that one riff after the first chorus and then his solo with Chris's ooh's. It's kind of reminiscent of the ooh + guitar solo combination in Paradise. The actual guitar line reminds me of the end of Ladder to the Sun's ending climax.2. The way the bass comes in at the beginning kind of reminds me of the chorus of Sleeping Sun. Just a random thought. Why are people saying this is one of Guy's better basslines? I'm not hearing a lot of musical complexity. It is a nice low bass sound with a nice rhythm, but it's NOTHING like....say Magic, ETIAW, Major Minus, Paradise, X&Y, GPASUYF, Everything's Not Lost...just to name a few excellent Guy lines. *I will concede that it took me a few listens to realize how interesting the bassline in True Love is. 3. The chord progression in the chorus is pretty cool. I also feel like Coldplay hasn't done the I-IV-I thing much in the past so it's really refreshing and feel-goody in a way that not many of their other songs has. This is a song that makes me happy. 3b. The way the beat drops before the very end gets me every time. I can feel my stomach drop with how well timed it is. I think they really learned some tricks from Avicii with ASFOS (which has good builds too).4. WILL CHAMPION. The beat in the first half is good and kind of GS-reminiscent...but the end is absolutely great. Reminds me of the end of ETIAW a lot...4-on-the-floor and so driving. His backing vocals are AMAZING. It's like UATW and Ink met and had a Will Champion lovechild....
    [i fear I've said too much]
    5. I'm a little skeptical about the instrumentation. I tend to like Coldplay songs that are more clearly 4-instruments, as in Atlas (which I somewhat like better as a song that really showcases Chris's piano, Will's drums, Jonny's BOTH atmospheric and solo-ing guitar, Guy's cool basslines)...whereas this has a very present piano-acoustic guitar thing. Which makes me wonder what it'd be like live. I hope Jonny switches between guitar and piano quickly like The Edge does in the song New Year's Day.

    Download Miracles now!

    You can download Miracles by clicking on the Twitter link below, from Coldplay's Anchorman. Miracles is set to debut in at least the top 40 in the UK charts, on Christmas release week. It faces stiff competition all round from the likes of the XFactor winner, Ben Haenow and Mark Ronson. Judging by it's climb on the charts, a top 30 position is most likely, with a top 20 placing a possibility. If Coldplay's new song recieves substantial airplay, it could rise even further into the New Year, as sales generally dwindle but are beneficial to artists/bands with large fanbases such as our own, Coldplay!Here's a good site I use for tracking iTunes charts, from the UK or across the world, hope you find it useful for keeping track of Miracles' progress.

    Great to see the new song Miracles from @UnbrokenFilm into the Top 30 on UK @iTunesMusic. You can download it from http://t.co/oppWyWbsnl. A

    — Coldplay (@coldplay) December 15, 2014

    Official Audio and Lyrics

    Listen again, or check it out if you haven't heard Coldplay's latest offering yet.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYogZ1KER_kThanks to Squallo for posting the lyrics to Miracles :From up above I heardThe angels sing to me these wordsAnd sometimes in your eyesI see the beauty in the worldOh, now I'm floating so highI blossom and dieSend your storm and your lightning to strike meBetween the eyesAh, eyes...Sometimes the stars decideTo reflect in petals in the dirtWhen I look in your eyesI forget all about what hurtsOh, now I'm floating so highI blossom and dieSend your storm and your lightning to strike meBetween the eyesCry...Believe in MiraclesOh hey, I'm floating above the world nowOh hey, I'm floating above the world nowoh yeah, yeah, yeah

    Fan Artwork

    Last, but not least (New article of Chris playing Miracles live is now online!) is some stunning fanmade artwork by our own global moderator, Batman. Gaze in amazement.Coldplay - Miracles fanwork

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