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    Coldplay's Oracle on Schofe, Clocks video, Glastonbury, Christmas Lights and more...

    More questions answered by The Oracle... (circa. 4000! questions now answered - submit yours now!)


    April 4, 2013 - submitted by Jamie, United Kingdom

    Q. Hi, The Mighty Oracle. I have just been listening to Coldplay's concert from Zurich on the 26th May, and before the band play Yellow, Chris dedicates the song to Phillip Schofield. Any idea as to why Chris dedicated it to "Schofe"? You can hear it here - go to minute 24:25. Thanks :)

    The Oracle replies:

    This is an easy peasy one. Phillip and his missus were in attendance at that show so Chris dedicated Yellow to him.


    April 4, 2013 - submitted by Caro, Argentina

    Q. Dearest Oracle, I was watching videos in French to practice a little bit and all of a sudden I found this song. The piano sounds just like the acoustic version of Lost by Coldplay. Is it simply sheer coincidence, have they asked Coldplay for permission, or what happened...?

    The Oracle replies:

    It IS Lost? - the acoustic version of Lost! You need to clear a sample before using it. That means La Fouine will have needed permission to sample Lost? in this song, Papa. Not necessarily from the band but their label/publisher. La Fouine will also have had paid a royalty to Coldplay for its use.


    April 3, 2013 - submitted by Erin, United States of America

    Q. Hey guys, I am totally wondering about the Blue Room e.p. and Brothers and Sisters e.p. Are these the first Coldplay recordings or just demos? Thank you in advance! (PS you guys are awesome!)

    The Oracle replies:

    Brothers & Sisters was a band demo that was released as a single by Fierce Panda. There was a subsequent version of Brothers & Sisters recorded for the b side of Trouble. Coldplay's first release for EMI was The Blue Room. It contained a couple of tracks from their professionally studio recorded Safety ep demo. So to answer your question, both eps are made up of both. Coldplay's demos were all of high quality though so it's hard to see them as demonstration when they were so good.


    April 3, 2013 - submitted by Kat, Mexico

    Q. Dear Oracle, I wonder have you ever meet any friend or closest friend being a fan? Or have you ever seen someone special through the public on the stage when you look all the people, does someone stand out?

    The Oracle replies:

    Yes and yes. One of my very best friends is someone I met through being a fan; not of Coldplay, this was before they existed. I once spotted someone in a crowd of 30,000. I was also in the crowd - not on stage - but a very long way away from them. It felt like love at first sight. After the show I was at a party and so were they. I think it was fate rather than destiny.


    April 2, 2013 - submitted by Taynara, Brazil

    Q. Hi Oracle! Today I was watching the video clip Clocks and I was with this doubt: who is the people on the crowd? Like, they're fans or something like? Thanks a lot.

    The Oracle replies:

    Before the video I recall a message was sent out asking for fans to partake in the crowd part of the video but I know that local students (from London) feature.


    April 2, 2013 - submitted by Tim, United States of America

    Q. Hello Oracle, Why is Coldplay not performing at Glastonbury this year? They are always there! Also where do I send my fan mail to Coldplay? I am going to England this fall. What areas of the UK do you love to go to? I have to do to a Manchester United football game! LOVE THEM!!! Cheers, Tim( who is pretending he is from England).

    The Oracle replies:

    They are far from always there. Their first appearance was as a new band in the John Peel Tent*, 1999. The year after they performed on the Other Stage. They first headlined on the Pyramid Stage in 2002 and again in 2005. They didn't play the festival again until 2011 where they headlined on the Saturday night. We don't have a fan mail address but there's a contact button on this site - the band don't read/reply to those personally though. Without knowing how long you're in England it's hard to suggest places. If you're going to Old Trafford I would say go a little further north to The Lake District. There are plenty of beautiful places of interest in the UK so you won't be short of things to see. *It was called The New Bands Tent at the time, later renamed to John Peel Tent in honour of the radio DJ who championed new music. Incidentally, the bands playing the tent weren't always "new" bands playing for the first time.


    April 2, 2013 - submitted by Trinidad, Argentina

    Q. Hi Oracle, well I've a simple question, I love Christmas Lights, but I don't know from what cd is (I have all the cd's from Coldplay, and it isn't in no one). So, it's in a EP? Thanks for your time. Congrats from Argentina.

    The Oracle replies:

    Christmas Lights was released as a digital download only so is not available on any physical release.

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