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    Ghost Stories on Spotify soon & new LA show announced!

    Ghost Stories on Spotify soon & new LA show announced


    Over three months on since the first release of the new Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, Anchorman on www.coldplay.com has announced the plans for the emotional sixth LP to be made available across major music streaming platforms such as Spotify. It's available immediately to stream through Beats music as part of the exclusive agreement they have for the announced LA show in September which was revealed today.


    Coldplay LA September 2014


    Ghost Stories on Spotify


    Mylo Xyloto, when released, was not available to stream until four months after release and Ghost Stories is following in it's footsteps. There were rumours of Coldplay's latest album not even making a later appearance with other high profile albums such as Beyonce's still not available to stream. At the time of the Ghost Stories release, Spotify were working to reach an agreement to bring Coldplay's new album to their service.


    "The artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify. We are working on it and hope they will change their mind soon."


    Why was this the case then? One reason could be the size of the royalties. Major artists/bands have criticized the streaming service for the amount they receive from having their work streamed. Holding back albums is another reason and it seems to be the promotion method for Coldplay's new album, where the record label concentrates on maximizing sales via iTunes and Amazon before allowing the streaming of the album. Adele's last album, 21 is also a prime example of this method.


    Beats music, only available in the US, will be the sole streaming service until after the band's upcoming LA show, according to Coldplay.com


    For the first time ever, Ghost Stories is available for streaming, exclusively at Beats Music (US only). Download Beats Music at www.beatsmusic.com.


    Following Beats Music's exclusive, Ghost Stories will be released to all other major streaming services worldwide in the coming weeks.


    Ghost Stories three months on


    Now that Coldplay's 6th LP is over three months old, we would like to see what you think of the album now, further down the line. Your favourites upon released were O by a distance for 1st place, Always in My Head as a second choice and not much to choose between Ink and True Love for third place.


    Vote in our latest poll below!


    [yop_poll id=10]




    Coldplay announce intimate LA Show


    The band have announced another LA show on Wednesday 17th September, scheduled at 8.30PM Pacific time. The venue will be The Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown. It will be Coldplay's 5th show near Chris Martin's residence this year (with the group of three secret shows in March and the Ghost Stories tour performance). Coldplay.com have revealed the show will broadcast live on radio.


    A live broadcast of this intimate performance will be available by tuning in to CBS RADIO stations in the US or downloading the Radio.com app for a variety of mobile devices.


    Coldplayers who are LA residents, you have the privileged of being able to enter the exclusive competition to win tickets for the upcoming extraordinary night. You can enter here


    You can also join in on the forum discussion for the LA show.

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