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    A Groundbreaking Interactive Journey With Coldplay's Ink

    A Groundbreaking Interactive Journey With Coldplay's Ink

    During the Ghost Stories Live 2014 release week, we have all received an unexpected and very welcome surprise in a form of an official music video for the third track off Ghost Stories, Ink. This is not just an ordinary music video however, it's a 'groundbreaking interactive story about a lost traveler who journeys to the ends of the world in hopes of finding his lost love' (Via Blind.com). You can make a series of many choices which will change the course of the music video. Very exciting stuff indeed!



    Direct link to the interactive video


    Ink has been rumoured as the band's 4th single from Coldplay's latest album and has even received radio airtime on US stations along with BBC Radio 1 & 2. We could be forgiven in thinking that it wouldn't receive an official video other than Royal Albert Hall inspired live compilation which slotted in very nicely with the other videos from the artistic Ghost Stories era. The band visiting the fantastic well-renowned group of designers, Blind within their Los Angeles studios a few months back was a very purposeful meeting, judging by the outstanding video they helped to produce for the band.


    A Groundbreaking Interactive Journey With Coldplay's Ink


    The team at Blind LA were also among the crowd of celebrities and fans at Coldplay's gig in The Ace Hotel a few months ago,


    You can see the full gallery of their experience here


    Coldplay live at the Ace Hotel 17th Sep


    Which storyline and ending are you getting? Let us know on the forums! Gai has received a happily ever after ending which I haven't come across yet so there are many possibilities that can occur within this incredible music video.


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