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    The Oracle on: show interruptions, "Live 2006", Under1Roof, Bakery, Beehive and more...

    More questions answered by The Oracle... (circa. 5200! questions now answered - submit yours now. Also via Twitter!)


    December 5, 2013 - submitted by Charles , Canada

    Q. Did you ever have to interrupt a show because of an annoying fan? If not, what was the weirdest fan demand you guys ever received?

    The Oracle replies:

    Yes! Well, that sounds awful so I shall rephrase it. Chris & Jonny were performing at the Little Noises charity event. As Chris started playing The Scientist, a fan up on the balcony began tapping a tambourine out of time. It was very off putting so Chris paused and asked them to stop. As it's a "yes" that makes the second question redundant. Phew.



    December 5, 2013 - submitted by Jamie, Australia

    Q. Hi after missing there last show in Sydney due to a bad accident at work I'm desperate to see them especially after watching the amazing live dvd. I'm thinking about coming over to England for the Under the Roof show will it be a normal length set or will it be shorter than it usually is?

    The Oracle replies:

    I'm sorry Jamie but the show sold out. As for the length of Coldplay's set... It's - as you know - a charity event and so hopefully everyone is there to support the great cause and enjoy the music / comedy / magic as a whole. After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That said the last Under 1 Roof show was pretty much a full set.


    December 5, 2013 - submitted by Lolatje, Belgium

    Q. Might be a little bit weird question, but I was wondering if Coldplay writes something on their facebook it gets over 30000 likes and looots of comments in no time. How does their profile react, I mean do they get like thousands of these little pop-ups on their screen at once?

    The Oracle replies:

    We don't get notifications so no, that doesn't happen. It would be non-stop otherwise. All the comments are read but usually in one session rather than as they come through.


    December 4, 2013 - submitted by Madeleine, United Kingdom

    Q. How many music videos have Coldplay made? I know they don't have a video for every song but how many are currently out there? Thanks, Maddie.

    The Oracle replies:

    I've not counted any live videos but have counted when there are 2 for some - Trouble, Violet Hill - and I make it a total of 28.


    December 4, 2013 - submitted by Fred, United Kingdom

    Q. Heyy, So I recently got interest from a very large independent label. They said that off the back of my music they would sign me but due to fanbase I'm not signable as of yet. They put me onto a smaller label. My question is that I can't seem to find any bands who have really really made it who are on an independent label. The first label I was talking about said they do a 3 year deal. However, if the first label don't actually get me out there then I may be stuck with them for the 3 years. Should I go with the independent label and then not possibly get signed to a bigger label e.g. Parlophone, Universal. I need help, thanks.

    The Oracle replies:

    I'm going to get a little tough with you here, Fred. Brace yourself. You don't seem to be remotely excited by the opportunity you have - whether you take it or not. It's great to have ANY interest and offer. If you're not signable yet but have been offered a 3 year deal (er, isn't that therefore signable) it seems to me, they have hope for you. As a very large independent with a smaller label, they're not insignificant. I would hope you would have done more research than it appears. Who else is on their roster? What success have they had previously? Who are you working with? What are their strategies? If you haven't asked yourself any of these questions for starters, maybe you should. Oh and if you can't find bands who have had success through smaller labels, you're not looking hard enough! Now to you... they obviously see some potential in you but they are right. You have no fan base and that will not come just by signing a contract. There is hard work to be done and not just by them. It's as if you think the label are 100% responsible for your fanbase but they're not; you are too! You've got to crack on & write some great material. Radio won't play you and press won't write about you if they don't know who you are so getting fans will help spread the word. 3 years may seem like a lifetime but try to be patient as this could be the exact right route for you. I shall impart another pearl of wisdom. I asked 2 heavyweight managers the same question (on two consecutive days) and their answers will probably confuse you even more but I say there is no right or wrong - go with your gut. "If you were offered one deal but it wasn't the right one, would you take it if it was the only offer you had?" One said no, he would hold out for his artist even if another deal never came. The other said yes, a deal is a deal - take it.


    December 4, 2013 - submitted by Marirs, Maldives

    Q. Am I allowed to name my album Canoe?

    The Oracle replies:

    Er, yes if you want to. I suspect this is a case of lost in translation. Usually when I am asked, "can I call my album...?" it means there has been public speculation about a Coldplay album name. The only connection I can see between Canoe and Coldplay is an article that appeared a couple of weeks ago in the Canadian publication Canoe.


    December 3, 2013 - submitted by Joshua, United States of America

    Q. What Metallica film was Chris talking about in this interview?

    The Oracle replies:

    The interviewer does say the name of the film but you must have missed it as Chris starts answering over it. Some Kind Of Monster is Metallica's documentary film from 2004.


    December 3, 2013 - submitted by Forrest, United States of America

    Q. Did Chris and the band ever write songs keeping in mind they would be played in large arena type venues? Coldplay's sound has obviously progressed into something more appropriate for those larger shows so I was just wondering if that style was there at the beginning, or if their success was a catalyst for it. Thank you Oracle!

    The Oracle replies:

    You're spot on, Forrest. They don't write songs in a colour by numbers way but yes, they are very aware of where their songs will end up being performed. It's an interesting progression when a band starts to play arenas and stadiums as not all songs will work in those spaces. That said, if the band do write songs that don't fill the big venues (acoustically speaking), they can adapt by performing them on the smaller B & C stages as they have been doing on the last few tours - 'Til Kingdom Come, Up In Flames, Us Against the World et al.


    December 3, 2013 - submitted by Fernanda, Mexico

    Q. Hi! Yesterday I found a Coldplay Live 2006 in Toronto, and at the beginning it said that was a production for Parlophone, so I think is kinda official, and by the way is a very good video. So my question is Why is not in Recordings or wasn't released like the Live 2003 or 2012?

    The Oracle replies:

    That DVD should not be available anywhere. It was never released and therefore I'm afraid the copy you have is an illegal bootleg. That's why it's not listed in the Recordings section.


    December 3, 2013 - submitted by Chloe, United Kingdom

    Q. This is Coldplay related btw. I feel like Coldplay and the fandom is literally tearing me up. Since I started liking Coldplay my sisters have hated me because they're into heavy stuff. I don't know what to do :( I miss being close to my sisters.

    The Oracle replies:

    I find it sad yet weirdly natural that music divides people so much. I get a lot of letters from fans who struggle with their friends or family having different tastes but diversity is a good thing. I'm not sure why those differences turn nasty though. People could learn to respect the passions of others. How about you ask your sisters if they could recommend a song they think you might like. In turn you could perhaps play them the live version of GPASUYF from the last tour or Daylight. If that doesn't work, are there any other things you all like that you could spend time together doing? I know it won't help you right now, but hopefully it's a phase that will pass and one day soon you'll get on in spite of your musical preferences.


    December 2, 2013 - submitted by Molly, United States of America

    Q. Hi Oracle, This is Harry Styles but is that Will Champion's elephant head from Paradise?!

    The Oracle replies:

    The costumes in the Paradise video were not bespoke. They are universally available as a generic fancy dress prop so no, it's not any of the band's elephant heads - just the same design.


    December 2, 2013 - submitted by Karen M, Argentina

    Q. Hi Oracle! Can you tell me where I can watch the concert on 19 December? Please, I really want to watch it! Thanks :)

    The Oracle replies:

    It's not being filmed for broadcast I'm afraid. We've never filmed the end of year charity shows but who knows, we may document it in some way and hopefully people will upload photos to our Live Archive.


    December 2, 2013 - submitted by Olivia, United States of America

    Q. Dear Oracle, What's the difference between the Bakery and the Beehive? Aren't they both recording studios?

    The Oracle replies:

    Yes, but they're not the same place. They are close by but used for different things. Various aspects of the recording process start, progress and finish between the two and their set-up is different but essentially, yes, they're both recording studios.

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